He rudely replied Galkin about censorship on TV

photo: a frame from the video

TV presenter Artem Sheinin became the fourth representative of the Central Russian television, who publicly commented on the saying of the humorist Maxim Galkin about censorship on TV. Previously, the statement criticized showman Dmitry Kiselev and Vladimir Solovyov and Vladimir Pozner supported.

He suggested that such statements Galkin is trying to fill some kind of loss: he de in his time away from the First channel, «and when I came back, the throne is already occupied», because supposedly now says «those parts of television, in which he is not present and wants».

The presenter allowed himself another caustic attack on the opponent: he said that Galkin «suffers what he folk not given». He called to give the artist the title, «then he pouspokoilsya a little bit,» said Scheinin of the radio station «Moscow Says».


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