Guilherme says: «I don’t know what it means to be Russian»

Guilherme says: «I don’t know what it means to be Russian»

Main goalkeeper Marinato Guilherme gave an interview to RBC, in which he spoke about racism in Russia, the limit on foreign players and salary in the «Locomotive». He admitted that the summer was ready to go to the end to stay at the club
Marinato Guilherme

(Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC)

— Guilherme nationality Brazilian, works in Russia since 2007

— Is the captain of the «Locomotive» in the summer was close to transition in «Spartak», but remained at the club, signing a new contract with him

— After the departure of Igor Akinfeev from the national team of Russia became the main goalkeeper of the national team

Interviews were conducted in Russian

About the difficulties in the Russian team

2016 you are in the Russian team. After three years, can you tell me how you got into the team? Was there any talk: «Why is it us?»

— Within the team I had that kind of talk is not heard. The guys received me well. Of course, adaptation was not so easy. It’s still not a team, it team, and you more responsibility.

— What was the difficulty?

Even as an experienced player, when you get to the national team, you need time to adapt to the team: communication, internal state. I was the first foreigner in the history of the Russian national team, which played for the national team. This fact is also frightened me. And now I feel comfortable as in the «Locomotive» and the national team.

— How would you describe the Russian national team game? There is a feeling that can win the European championship?

We all know that after the world Cup came to a completely new level. To fight for the highest places, we still have a lot to work with. We are on the right track and needs to believe in success. We need to go to the goal — and why not to dream?

— Over the past two years Russia from the world’s strongest teams at official tournaments only met with Belgium, Spain and Croatia. 90 minutes with these teams Russia did not win any opponent. There is a feeling that we are behind them seriously?

— With Spain, though not for 90 minutes, right, but still won. We now have a very important match with Belgium (16 November in Saint-Petersburg Russia will play against Belgium in the match of UEFA Euro 2020).

— The match against Belgium will give the answer about the strength of the team compared to leading teams in the world?

— Early to speak about it. Nobody expected before the world Cup in Russia that we will step away from the semifinals. Within the team we have confidence in their abilities. We must play against any opponent the same way. We have the potential to beat Belgium.

— Presented kits new t-shirt Russian national team by Adidas. How are you?

— I liked beautiful. Most importantly, everything was comfortable. I was not so important beauty as comfort. This t-shirt resembles something of the form of the national team of the USSR.

— Yellow shirt of the Brazilian national team is considered one of the most beautiful in the history of football. How can she compete with the national team of Russia?

— Both are good. Incidentally, I’m not a fan of yellow. I always second kit liked more than the main one.

Marinato Guilherme

(Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC)

The problem of racism

— I am Armenian, and you’re Brazilian. We both are not Russian in origin, and apparently they do not like. Did you ever to command the legionaries were oppressed Russian guys?

— I’ve never seen this before, and Vice versa. Yes, of course, mostly Russian to communicate with Russian, and foreigners with foreigners, but to someone someone oppressed…

Don’t you think that the perception of racism in Russia more than other countries?

— Yes, I agree. Notice that in Europe sharply react, when something like this happens. I have many Russian friends, and never heard one of them once insulted me. I have colored friends, and they also did not complain about it.

— As a joke Russian guys you can call?

— Yes you can, but it’s a joke. It happens when the fans during matches shouting «Monkey!» But it’s not discrimination, it’s the same as the Mat. I believe that the Mat and racism are the same thing. I stress that this is my opinion.

— I do black was called in school, and you?

Yeah me too but I don’t care. But we must understand that there are a lot of other black guys who don’t like it. And this opinion must be respected, too.

Marinato Guilherme

(Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC)

Attitude to Russian history

— Do you follow political news?

— Yes, through the Internet. In recent times we have more to watch TV news for the development of my Russian language teacher was advised. And I look basically the TV channel «Russia-24»

— About rallies in Moscow in the summer did you hear that?

— No. Nothing at all.

— You’re apolitical person?

— Absolutely, I don’t like politics. I never voted, but in the next presidential election, maybe I’ll try.

— The expression «Sport outside politics» — nonsense?

All in one way or another grounded in politics.

— Dmitry Tarasov did the right thing when he showed everyone the t-shirt with Vladimir Putin, in 2016 in Turkey after the match against Fenerbahce?

— I would in his place would not have done so, but everyone has their own opinion. He did it, but I would not. I am very modest and attention is not love.

— In Brazil, would be a national tragedy the appearance of a naturalized foreigner in the team?

— I don’t think they would be against it. In Brazil, less patriotism, and in Russia it is much more. This is due to the history of the country, especially with the history of the great Patriotic war. Brazil do not have such a great history like Russia. What is the history of Brazil? The people here suffered a lot, and it makes them think. But you have to think about the future. It is very hard to remove a story out of my head.

— You’re not exactly the typical Brazilian, more calm. You’ve changed ever since I came to Russia?

— Changed, I used to be a very open person, and many people used it with a bad perspective. And for the time that I was here, I noticed that. Because you have to observe some balance. Together with that in Russia noticed that here people are more closed, and I slightly changed.

Marinato Guilherme

(Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC)

The limit on foreign players

— In your opinion, the limit on foreign players in Russian football — is it good? Surely you thought about that?

— Before Yes, in the last four years there. I think the limit should be, but in the application, not on the field. Because Russian will never feel competition, they will always know that they will play again. They rest, there is no competition.

— A limit in the application as the impact?

— The new system, which will be next year, or eight plus 17 — this is different, competition will be more. In Russia not enough competition between the Russian players, it is only among foreigners.


Cherchesov said the new limit on foreign players «light at the end of the tunnel»

— Can you give an example of when the lack of competition prevented the player?

— I’ve always had progress when the competition was. There are players who don’t like competition, you know that nobody will touch, and progressing more. Players who think so, a minority — 25%. The rest should all be in competition. Always!

Return Akinfeev and negotiations with «Spartak»

— Speaking of competition, you with Igor Akinfeev communicate?

— No.

— How would you feel if he would announce my return to the national team of Russia? For you it will be unpleasant?

— No, I’ll be okay with it. Igor — goalkeeper, who made a lot for Russian football. And he has earned the respect that he himself arranged. And my story, especially in the Russian team, even close to the story of Igor. So I have no right to be upset and offended.

— In a situation with your contract, which was in the summer, Yuriy Semin gave?

— Of course. Semin his status deserved. From the beginning his position was that I left mine too.

— Semin went to the leadership, when the media you have been linked to Spartak? In this situation, he communicated with the club management?

— When we started talking last winter, he told the guide: «I need Guilherme, decide the question.» Most importantly, we decided this issue, and it was my desire to stay at the club. Of course, he was helped.

— The transition in «Spartak» it was close?

— No, it was the proposal of «Spartacus», but I till last moment waited for an answer from Lokomotiv to stay. I didn’t even think to go to Spartak.

— «Spartak» offered a contract for two or three years?

I don’t know that the agent decided. He just said that was the offer, I said, «I don’t want to hear anything. Don’t solve my issue with the «Locomotive», I’m…»

— You had a certain period of time, that to this day, waiting, and then everything?

— No, I wanted to fight to the end. The contract was supposed to end in December, I was ready until December to fight to stay in «Loko».

Photo: Andrew Lubimov / RBC

Attitude to money

— In Europe have decided to write how much the player earns, but in Russia I’m afraid. What is the reason?

I don’t know. I don’t like to know what my salary is. I have a lot of friends, cousins, uncles who live around me. I am a humble man, I hate that they know how much I earn.

I help all I can, always it was ready. But I hate to talk about money is my business. For example, in Brazil, I can’t drive a Ferrari, people look at me.

— Completing this question, your current contract more or less €1.5 million a year?

Why are you curious?

Is a lot of interesting.


— Let’s go back to the match against Juventus (the interview was recorded after the first meeting in Turin (2:1). — RBC). Expect that to play that Cristiano Ronaldo is not as bad as it appeared?

— When we flew back, had a very difficult, complex game. This is Juventus! And we built the plan, you all saw, we played on defense. That is better to defend, score a goal — and all continue to show our game. As we score already started to dream, it was a feeling that success is near.

Nobody expected that we could even have scored to lead 0:1 from Juventus. After the game I sat in the room and thought, that’s not so scary to play against Juventus, CSKA is also showed with «real» in Madrid and Moscow. We must understand that when you go on the pitch it’s 11 against 11, no fear should not be. That’s football — we all have two legs and one ball.

— And that still not enough? Juve better?

— We had fatigue due to the fact that we only defensively played ball and generally did not hold, and we had a hard time. The last 15 minutes we just didn’t have the strength.

— In the situation with the second goal: the shot of Alex Sandro was unpredictable? Fabio Capello said: «Goalie’s fault». I thought you didn’t at first, when the blow was.

— No, I saw it, but the ball flew with constant change in trajectory. And when I tried to jump and put the hands, perhaps at this moment he has not got, as expected, in the arm. Due to the fact that constantly changed direction, it was very difficult.

Who has impressed you at Juventus?

— As Roma’s Miralem Pjanic. Juan Cuadrado I really liked. And, of course, Paulo Dibala technically a very good player, great. After the game I told the guys: «Look, what a thrill. We have every year to play in the Champions League. And so we played in the Champions League, we have to take at least second place.»

Marinato Guilherme

(Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC)

— After the match, Buffon saw, spoke?

— I have not seen him, but really wanted. He’s a legend. During the game I thought about it, I really wanted to say Hello to him. And I did not succeed. And when the match is over, I look at the bench — he immediately went to the locker room. I called my friend Alex Sandro from Juventus, with whom he played in Brazil.

— That is you friend pig planted a blow in the last minute?

Yes. So, I asked him: «Please, ask Buffon’s t-shirt». «Okay, I’ll try.» — «I’ll wait for you there then.» And he brought me even autographed.

— Have you thought about your business, how many of your colleagues?

— I haven’t thought about it, I don’t want to retire. I plan next year to start learning Manager.

— I want to be a sport or a CEO?

Yeah, I think that the work is not mine. Don’t know, maybe this will change, but for now I think.

— In the media, it is possible to meet opinion that Brazilians do not know how to count money, they quickly despise them, especially the players who are not used to money. All right?

— It is, Yes. To be a player — it is very hard. 90% of players in Brazil grow up in poor families in the favelas. Imagine if you’re modest, do not have any education, never went to a good school, and there are 22-23 already earn a lot of money. Nothing good will come.

— There are a number of people that can help?

On the contrary, people in Brazil do not spare anyone. Especially family. They also do not understand what is happening, what to do.

— And you what family growing up?

— My dad graduated from the University, he is engaged in textile production. I have had a good education, I never had the need for anything. Of course, the large abundance was not, but still.

Marinato Guilherme

(Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC)

— Do well in school?

Yes. I graduated from all the University. In the University I study did not, because I already played professional football. My brother and graduated from the University. We have always been fine with raising a family.

— Lokomotiv at the end of the championship for a place claims?

— Our goal… You know, in Brazil there is a saying: when you taste the taste of victory, I want them to enjoy every year, to win, to win.

Two years ago I was champion of Russia in that year the Cup was won. We want more. We have now the option to have it again to do. Depends only on us. And right now are in the lead. Everything depends on us. Of course, I want the next year another season to play in the Champions League. And our goal is first or second place.

— What features in Russian will highlight that you took?

— A cool head. Sometimes I really miss it.

— What is to be Russian?

I don’t know how to answer that. This is a complex issue. Very complex. I don’t know…

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