As the Russian team won for the first time in the new season. A report from Helsinki

As the Russian team won for the first time in the new season. A report from Helsinki

The national team of Russia on hockey has won the second match of the first stage of the Euro tour the Karjala Cup, having won with the account 5:4 in penalty shoot-out team Sweden. On the progress of the game at RBC

Photo: press service of the FHR

In Finland, the Russian team lives in Helsinki and 30 km from the tournament venue — the village Langvik where on the Bay is located the eponymous hotel. The Russian team occupies a whole wing. Before entering the set banner denoting that there lives Russian national team. Inside the hotel shop, which sells Souvenirs.

Representatives of the headquarters team explained this decision by the good conditions for recovery, away from excessive noise and bustle. Now clubs in the Russian League held 23-27 matches. The Swedish championship — 16-17, the Czech Republic, 16-18, Finland on 17-19.

Services players in Russia Languige gym, sauna, swimming pool. On the eve of the second match of the Karjala Cup with team Sweden Russian hockey players held a table tennis tournament, which was won by Artem Shvets-Rogovoy. One of the mandatory daily activities — forest walk.

Photo: press service of the FHR

In addition to the Russian delegation, the hotel has other guests. However, they do not interfere with the national team: in the corridor leading to area of residence and work of the team, no one else appears. At mealtimes in the restaurant are only representatives of the team.

Photo: press service of the FHR

Together with the national team in Helsinki arrived veterans — former coach of the national team of the USSR and Russia Vladimir yurzinov, former captains of the national team of the USSR Boris Mayorov, Boris Mikhailov, two-time Olympic champion Igor Larionov. They participate in meetings, to be consulted in the choice of tactics for the matches of the tournament.

The actions of the players in the first match of the Karjala Cup, the staff of the Russian team in General was satisfied. While outcome — defeat 3:4 — of course, anyone not satisfied. However, everyone understands that the team is largely experimental. On the actions of young players, according to coach Alexei Kudashov was affected by excitement.

«The bulk of players, which called on Karjala Cup, needs match practice at international level, — said to journalists on Friday Kudashov, for which the Karjala Cup — the first tournament the national team of Russia. We need to develop guys to get experience.» According to the head coach, in the matches of the Euro tour compared to the CHL than the speed and intensity of the struggle, as well as higher responsibility. «It is important that children passed through this «meat grinder», he added. — It is important that we, coaches, were the depth of the structure to the most important tournaments we had the choice — one position a few players.»

In the second match of the Karjala Cup, the Russian team met with the team of Sweden. The Swedes, like the Russians, lost in the first game of the tournament the Czechs with the account 1:3. The Scandinavians have not gathered the strongest composition. At the head of the team new coach — two-time world champion Johan Garpenlov. It until the Karjala Cup had no experience of independent work as the head coach — he worked only an assistant and Manager.

«Garpenlov we know for a long time. Know what to expect from him — said Kudashov. — Sweden is always good skating, likes to control the puck, playing team. The system will remain the same. Fundamentally no one, nothing changes».

Shortly before the match on the way to the «Hartwall Arena» was only heard Russian speech. It was also in the stadium bowl. Trainers of Russian national team has made three changes to the lineup compared to the game against the Finns. Instead of the defender Nikita Cherepanov, forwards Alexander Kadeykin and Alexei Makeyev on ice appeared Kamil Fazylzyanov, Arthur Kayumov and Pavel Kudryavtsev.

The Russian team completely controlled the game in the first period, scoring two unanswered goals. The second goal was scored by striker Damir Jafarov. He made his debut in the matches of the Euro tour.

Early in the second period, several deletions in the Russian team allowed the Swedes to feel confident. Until the end of the second period, however, the Russians held the advantage in two washers, winning 3:1.

But in the final period the Swedes went forward more confidently. Over the last seven minutes, the washer twice visited the gate of Igor Bobkov — 4:4.

The first victory under the guidance of coach Alexei Kudashov has come to Russian national team only in a penalty shootout.

After the game the forwards of the national team of Russia Kirill Semenov and Nikita Soshnikov and Kudashov in one voice said that such matches must be brought to the victory in regulation time.

«It so happened, — said Semyonov. — Could not resist. Poor concentration. The defense has played poorly».

«These games can not let go we needed to win — said Coulter. — No excuses, but to a small extent missed the victory in the main time can be attributed to the fact that there was no time to play».

Kudashov noted that complete satisfaction of victory is not taken. «This is the second match of the tournament. I believe that players should play more confident and look solid 60 minutes,» he said.

According to the head coach, in the first period the Russian team controlled the match, «but unnecessary penalties early in the second period changed the game.» «Guys have to believe in themselves,» — said the expert.

«This international experience. Here, any error, any flaw, any weakness leads to a transition initiative at least. And the maximum — to goal,» said Kudashov.

The final match of the Karjala Cup team Russia will hold on Sunday against team Czech Republic at 14:30 GMT. In the first game of the tournament Thursday, the Russians were defeated the Finns 3:4.

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