Danish area 9 and 10 November


International day against fascism, racism and anti-Semitism

The international day of anti-nuclear stock

World day of the lease

1911 — a successful test of the first in the world knapsack parachute RK-1 design Gleb Kotelnikov

1979 — due to an error of American computer systems of NORAD, who reported about Soviet nuclear attack, the US declared a nuclear alert. Within ten minutes the world was on the edge of a large nuclear war

1987 — premiere of the TV series of the film «visit to the Minotaur» based on the novel by Vainer brothers

1989 — in the night from 9 to 10 Nov open free passage of citizens from the Eastern to the Western part of Berlin. Begins with the destruction of the Berlin wall

10 NOV

International day of accounting

World youth day

The day of employee of organs of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

1933 — Ivan Bunin was awarded the Nobel prize for literature

1939 — at the auto show in Chicago demonstrated for the first time the car with air conditioning — Packard

1969 — on the largest U.S. non-commercial network PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) was shown the first edition of the children’s television program «sesame Street»

1974 — premiere of the television series (10 episodes) the film «Born by revolution», filmed by Director Grigori Kokhan on the novel by Alexei Nagorny and Helium Ryabov «the Story about the criminal investigation,»


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