Malakhov opened the large fee for participating in his talk show

photo: a frame from the video

Televeduschiy Andrey Malakhov in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak on her Youtube channel «Caution, Sobchak» has confirmed that the TV channels sometimes pay unbelievable amounts of money famous people for participation in the programs. While Malakhov gave information who was paid the largest sum for participation in the talk show, the leading of which he was.

As it turned out, the sum of 1 million 800 thousand rubles had to pay the actor Emmanuel Vitorgan for a story about how he was 78 years old daughter, Ethel.

Sobchak did not believe that Vittorino paid more than Diana Shurygina. This Malakhov said that Shurygino for the first program has paid only 10 thousand rubles.

Malakhov also said that large sums for participating in the esters was paid to Sergey Zverev.

The TV host added that he doesn’t like that now all turned into a mini-market, TV channels are repurchased from each of the characters.


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