Lose if CSKA «Sochi» scored «Spartacus» and «Wings»? The announcement of the tour of RPL

Lose if CSKA «Sochi» scored «Spartacus» and «Wings»? The announcement of the tour of RPL

In the 16th round of the Russian Premier League in the Central game of round will meet «the locomotive» and «Krasnodar», CSKA will try to break a four-game losing streak, and «Spartak» — to score the first goal on the home field after the arrival of Domenico Tedesco

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Standings after Matchday 15

In 16-m round meet

Will you play «Krasnodar» in a draw the third time in a row

In the Central match of round will meet the third and fourth commands — «the locomotive» and «Krasnodar» which in last rounds lost some points and fell behind from «Zenith» on three and four points respectively. Railroaders lose or draw, the team of Sergey Galitsky — two draws.

During the week both teams played Euro Cup meetings. Lokomotiv played on Tuesday against Juventus, FC Krasnodar on Thursday with Trabzonspor, that is, the recovery time was less. But the Muscovites lost at the last minute 1:2, and the Krasnodar won 3:1, so that we have the best psychological condition. But in favor of «Locomotive» said the home-field advantage. According to the version of bookmakers, the favourites are the hosts.

You can win CSKA

The army can’t win four rounds — two defeats and two draws. The last time they issued such a long losing streak in the championship of Russia under Leonid Slutsky in 2015, having lost to «Krasnodar», «Wings of the Soviets», «Amkar» and divided points with «Anji».

On Thursday the team held an away match with the «ferencváros» and also failed to achieve victory in the fourth meeting of the UEFA Europa League group stage. «Sochi» quietly preparing for the game all week. In the last round of the club Boris Rotenberg were in last place of the standings. Like CSKA, he can’t win four games in a row. There were rumors that in case of defeat from CSKA the head coach of the team Alexander Tochilin can be dismissed. Given this and the home field advantage, we can assume that «Sochi» is more experienced and skilled opponent will not yield.

What will «Spartak»

«Spartak» with Domenico Tedesco — still a mystery. In two home games against Rubin Kazan and Arsenal team has not scored a single goal, taking one point.

Yes, there was a large and impressive win over a strong «Locomotive», but do not forget that he played the railroad for a fifth day after a hard away match of the Champions League with Juventus (1:2), in addition to having a large cadre of difficulty. Also «Spartak» has won in the 1/8 finals of the Cup of Russia have another team from among the leaders — «Rostov». However, Valery Karpin before important game with «Krasnodar» is not set in the main part of several leading players. All of the above somewhat negates the bitter results of red and white.

Tedesco by permutations trying to bring to the team something new before each match. But in the game against Arsenal (0:1) output Jano Ananidze in midfield the team has not helped, although with the «Locomotive» translation of Zelimkhan Bakaev in the center of the result gave. That will come up head coach before the game with the «Wings of the Soviets»?

Samarians won in Moscow «Spartak» with the fifth of October 2008, the match ended with the score 1:0. And, of course, the hosts are the favourites. On the other hand, the same classifications were before the meeting «Spartaka» with «ruby» and «Arsenal».

«Wings of the Soviets» have the same number of points as Spartak — 18. And if you earn them in Moscow, a sensation it won’t.

Scored Shomurodov and Sobolev

Top scorers in the championship, the Eldora of Shomurodov of «Rostov» Alexander Sobolev of the «wings of the Soviets», with 10 goals scored, can’t get on the scoresheet three rounds. Before their goalless max series this season was one match.

The performance of «Wings» without goals Sobolev decreased in the last three meetings, the team was scoring only once. Case «Rostov» without goals are better Shomurodova — five goals.

In third place in the list of scorers midfielder, «Zenit», Artem Dzyuba, which account for nine goals.

Win «Tambov» for the third match in a row

«Tambov» has a series of two victories that were won after the departure of head coach Alexander Grigoryan. For the entire previous part of the season the team won the same amount. Will there be a third win?

Rather no than Yes. «Tambov» seems to be on the rise. But a surge caused rather by the emotions associated with the new coach than with qualitative changes in the team. For a long time such a charge is generally not enough. And play «Tambov» on the road with the second team of the championship «Rostov», which in his field in this championship, lost only two points in the game against «Spartak».

Whether to continue the unbeaten Dynamo

After the appointment of Kirill Novikov, acting head coach of «Dynamo» not lost in three matches, scoring in the game with the «Krasnodar», CSKA and «Ahmad» for five points. However, all three teams in recent times are not the best way, and all appointments of blue and white also held in Moscow. So to make any conclusions about improvements in the actions of «Dynamo» is problematic.

In the 16th round, Muscovites will play on the road with «ruby», which are behind by two points. According to bookmakers, chances to win more from Dynamo.


The failure of the owners, to the judge and the first defeat Tedesco. The results of the round of the RPL

Scored Rubin

To score, «Rubin» need to work hard. The team finished in a draw 0:0 in three consecutive games and four of their last five. And Dynamo is not the strongest attack, despite the investment. Less team Kirill Novikov (11 goals) scored only Rubin (8) and «Ahmad» (10). Says a lot about the fact that Kazan once again share with rival points, and the game will not be a single goal.

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