In Russia, every second employee is freelancing

In Russia, every second employee is freelancing

Every second employee of the Russian companies moonlights on the side, figured out the experts of the project «HR Lab. Lab HR Innovation» and the platform «Academy of Health», which conducted a study for the analytical center «Alfa insurance. Medicine.»

As indicated in the press release of the insurer referenced by «Interfax», the survey was conducted among 100 employees of Russian companies (with turnover ranging from RUB 100 million per year). In the end, conducted the study, experts found that 51% of these workers have stable jobs on the side. 53% moonlighting on the side reported that devote at least 12 hours a week, every third employee — more than 15 hours.

At the same time almost fifth of respondents (18%) admitted that freelancing takes them 20 hours a week or more. Earlier AlfaStrakhovanie cited data that worked every fourth Russian. Of part-time employees 78% are freelancing from home, 13% at lunchtime in the office, 8% in the workplace, but in their spare time, the 1% can first do non-core work, while having a current office tasks. The most popular versions of the jobs seemed educational services (12%), construction (8%), repair, computer help and trade (7%), as well as protection.

Less earn extra money in medicine, transportation and hospitality industries, the clothing and the services of an interpreter. While 40% of respondents said that they did not hide from his primary employer, the fact of part-time jobs on the side, and 35% for various reasons, the leadership do not talk about it.

«A few years ago, we suggested that staff working freelance, with every passing year, more. This was confirmed by the results of a recent survey. A growing number of companies who trust to freelancers, reducing the cost of maintaining the workplace and providing employees with greater freedom. At the same time part time job not only brings in additional income, but also the opportunity to diversify their everyday lives, to avoid premature burnout,» — commented on the results of the study, the Director of the marketing Department of the «medical» group AlfaStrakhovanie Alice Bezlyudova.

According to recruiting company Antal Russia, an additional perk is working every fifth Russian, which becomes especially important in a crisis. The ability of any worthy make money, as in 1990-e years when additional revenues are often much higher than the official salary, is no more.

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