The media learned about the change of the head coach of «Barcelona»

The media learned about the change of the head coach of «Barcelona»

In December, the place of Ernesto Valverde, who heads the Catalan club in 2017, can take the Argentinian Marcelo Gallardo

Picture: Mutsu Kawamori/AFLO

In December Barcelona will change head coach: place of Ernesto Valverde is Marcelo Gallardo, who is now the head of the Argentine «river plate». About it reports TV channel TNT Sports referring to a former Argentine footballer and current coach Claudio Borghi.

«The Gallardo in December, will lead the «Barcelona». Information first hand. From Valverde Affairs are not the best way, and Gallardo is one of the best coaches in the world,» said Borg.

Barcelona with 22 points lead in the championship standings Spain, ahead of additional indicators real Madrid and real Sociedad. At the same time in 11 matches of the championship, the team suffered three defeats — from «Athletics» (0:1), «Granada» (0:2) and Levante (1:3).

In the Champions League the Catalan club the lead in group F, ahead of one point against Borussia Dortmund (8 points vs 7). In the last match of tournament «Barcelona» in his field could not beat the outsider of the group — Prague «Slavia» (0:0).


Became known to date is postponed because of the protests of the game, «Barcelona» and «real»

Valverde heads the «Barcelona» from July 2017. With the team he won two Spanish League, Cup and super Cup.

Gallardo is the head coach of «river plate» in 2014. With the club from Buenos Aires, he twice won the Copa Libertadores (South American analogue of the Champions League).

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