Team Russia at the start of the new international season. What is important to know

Team Russia at the start of the new international season. What is important to know

On Thursday Russian national team on hockey will play their first match of the new international season — in the framework of the Karjala Cup team will meet owners of tournament of Finns. RBC on the part of the Russians at the first stage of the Eurotour, its structure and the other participants

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Thursday starts a new international hockey season, which includes four stages of the European hockey tour (Euro tour) and the world Cup. The first tournament of national teams will be the Karjala Cup, which will be held in Helsinki from 7 to 10 November. In this and the following three stages of the Eurotour is traditionally attended by four national teams of Russia, Finland, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Calendar of all stages of the Eurotour

The Karjala Cup, Finland, 7-10 November

The channel one Cup, Moscow, Russia, 12-15 December

Hockey games Beijer, Sweden, 6-9 February

Carlson hockey games, Czech Republic, April 30 — may 3

The winner of the Euro tour is the team that scored the most points after four stages.

Last season, first place took the team of Russia (22 points), the second — Finland (19), the third — Sweden (17), the Czech Republic (14).


At the Karjala Cup managers and coaches of the national team was not invited to many of the leading players, for example, the CSKA goalkeeper Ilya Sorokin, defenders of «Metallurgist» Victor Antipina and Yegor Yakovlev, the defensive players of CSKA Nikita Nesterov, Alexei Marchenko and Bogdan Kiselevich, SKA forwards Vladimir Tkachev and Sergei Plotnikov, CSKA Kirill Kaprizov and Mikhail Grigorenko, the best scorer of the championship KHL Vadim Shipachev from the Moscow «Dynamo».

Experimental composition — standard practice for first and third stages of the Eurotour. All the strongest, as a rule, are called in Russian national team for the home tournament the Cup of the First channel and to the final competition, as at the end of April and beginning of may there is the final stage of preparation for the main start of the season — the world Cup.

The nuances of composition

In Helsinki Russian national team brought three goalkeepers and field players 25. The team’s 11 players of clubs KHL from 24. Wider all presented at the SKA — six people. Lokomotiv caused by five players. From CSKA to four. From «avant-garde» and «Salavat Yulaev» three. Of «AK Bars» — two. From the Moscow «Dynamo», «Admiral», Vityaz, Neftekhimik» and «torpedo» invited one player.

The first thing that catches the eye is almost new compared to previous seasons goalie team. Last season the team was involved only Igor Bobkov. Now the chance is given to Ivan Bocharov Simonova and Alexander, who this season became the main goalkeeper of the Moscow «Dynamo» and «Vityaz». Not so long ago Samonov along with striker Artem Shvets-Horny moved from suburban team in SKA.

It should be noted the invitation of the players, well manifesting himself in the NHL, but not yet spoiled by attention from the team. For example, Damir Jafarov is the ninth top scorer of the League. He was behind Cyril Kaprizova, which is second only three points. Alexei Makeyev is one of the leaders of the «Vityaz». Defenders Kamil Fazylzyanov of «AK Bars», Artem Sergeev from «Salavat Yulaev» and Damir Sharipzhanov from «neftechimik» and also some others from the same category.

The coaches called the team a group of young players. Representatives of «Locomotive» Arthur Kayumova, Pavel Kudryavtsev, Denis Alekseev and Pavel Karnauhov from CSKA at 21-22 years old.

The fourth trait of the current team — the presence of experienced players who had already played in the national team and overseas. They include forwards Sergei Shumakov («vanguard»), Anton Slepyshev (CSKA), Anton Burdasov (SKA). The latter was the captain.

Do not forget the coaches and clubs. Defenders Rushan Rafikov and Nikita Cherepanov from «Locomotive» will probably play in one pair and representatives of SKA, Yaroslav Dyblenko and Artem Tooth. Probably will go together and the players of «AK Bars» Igor Ozhiganov and Kamil Fazylzyanov.

In the attack in addition to three representatives of «Locomotive» there are three of CSKA Slepyshev, Karnaukhov, Konstantin Okulov and the combination of SKA Burdasov, Shvets-Rogovoy, Andrey Kuzmenko. On the first training of the national team in Helsinki these forwards out on the ice in such combinations.

At the same session the representatives of «Avant-garde» and Shumakov Kirill Semenov was added Makeev. Players «Salavat» Nikita Soshnikov and Alexander Kadeikin — Jafarov. It also suggests that coaches will adhere to the principle of the formation units based on the club principle.


In the national team of Finland 11 players represent the clubs of the KHL. For the home tournament, the hosts tried to assemble the strongest possible team. Perhaps they are the main contenders.

Team Sweden will play their first international competition under the guidance of new coach Johan Garpenlov, who worked at the headquarters the previous coach of Ricarda Grinberga. From the NHL team called six players. Not invited striker «Salavat Yulaev» Linus omark are one of the main stars of the Russian League. The composition of the Swedes is not optimal, but strong it can be called.

Worked for many years in Russia, head coach of the Czech Republic Milos Riha has invited eight players from the KHL and almost all of the best from the national League and other European leagues. The Czechs, along with the Finns, look the main contenders for victory.

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