«Restore the balance of interests»: «Gazprom» has considered the terms of the new contract on gas transit with Ukraine

«Restore the balance of interests»: «Gazprom» has considered the terms of the new contract on gas transit with Ukraineukraine link

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The first question before signing a new deal on gas transit between Moscow and Kiev should be the settlement of ongoing litigation, said the head of «Gazprom» Alexey Miller. In this regard, the Russian company also urged the Ukrainian side to abandon the Antimonopoly penalty of $7 billion, which was appointed for the alleged abuse of monopoly position on the market of gas transit Ukraine. On the eve of the Ukrainian «Naftogaz» announced the formation of another lawsuit against «Gazprom» in the amount of $12 billion To the Ministry of energy of these requirements was absurd.

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A new contract for the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine is possible only in case of mutual waiver between «Gazprom» and «Naftogaz», said the Russian company.

As noted by the head of «Gazprom» Alexey Miller, this question is the first in the list of important tasks that need to be addressed prior to the conclusion of the transit contract.

«This means mutual waiver and termination of litigation between JSC «Gazprom» and «Naftogaz of Ukraine» contract for the supply and transit of Russian gas, balancing the commercial interests of the parties», — said the press service of the Russian company.

This and other issues during the meeting in St. Petersburg discussed the head of «Gazprom» Alexey Miller and the Plenipotentiary of the government of Germany on the transit of gas through Ukraine Georg Graf von Waldersee. Details of the talks published a press-service «Gazprom».

The company also reminded of the need for cancellation of the decision of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine on imposing on the company a penalty «for alleged abuse of monopoly position on the market of gas transit of Ukraine and the restoration of the property rights of the company in the country.» We are talking about recovery, which is almost $7 billion.


The law for bargaining: «Naftogaz» has found «serious argument» for talks with Russia

The adoption of the law on the allocation of the Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS) of the NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine» Kiev offers «serious…
Claim for $22 billion

Yesterday «Naftogaz» estimated total amount of financial claims to «to Gazprom» in $22 billion in the Corresponding amount in Facebook has led the head of the Ukrainian company Andrey Kobelev.

«The Russian side proposes to «Naftogaz» to «reset» almost $3 billion on the Stockholm decision and to refuse the claim for another $12 billion To the same AMC (Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. — RT) is proposed to waive penalty of about $7 billion total — $22 billion — «to understand and forgive». Looking for and don’t find articulated in the media the offers reciprocal steps of Russia in comparable amounts. Except it looks like the «zeroing» claims?» — he wrote.

KOBOLEV said about the arbitration decision from 2018. We will remind, then the Stockholm court sentenced the Ukrainian side of $4.7 billion on the suit for failure to supply gas for transit. However, the court acknowledged a debt of «Naftogaz» of $2 billion and ordered the Russian side to pay only $2.56 billion, «Gazprom» continues to challenge this decision.

In addition, COBOL has mentioned a fine of $7 billion this amount the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has fined a Russian company in 2015. However in «Gazprom» said, noting that do not conduct business in Ukraine, passing gas on the Western border directly to Naftogaz.

In addition, he pointed out the total of claims a new claim in the amount of about $12 billion, which became known on 2 November.

«Absurd lawsuit»

The current contract for the transit of Russian gas via Ukraine expires at the end of 2019, and the new agreement is still not concluded. The parties continue to discuss the parameters of a possible agreement in the tripartite meetings, which apart from Moscow and Kiev also represented the European Union.

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A few days after one such conversation, held on 28 October, «Naftogaz» said that sent in the Stockholm arbitration court the statement of claim to «Gazprom» in the amount of $12 billion, Kiev has demanded the revision of transit fare payment in the amount of $11.8 billion for the refusal of the Russian state Corporation to do so in March 2018 and another $448 million for other violations.

In turn, Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak on 6 November called these claims absurd.

«The second absurd claim that Ukraine has filed, in the amount of $12 billion… he has not even seen, so to say that someone should — prematurely. Those requirements, which the lawsuit claimed, they are absurd,» RIA Novosti quoted Novak.

Note that the Russian side at various levels pointed to the need to abandon claims to advance in the issue of gas transit from Russia through Ukraine. In particular, in late October, this was supported by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Separately, he mentioned antitrust lawsuit to «Gazprom» for $7 billion.

«When, for example, $7 billion trying to show through the Ukrainian courts to «Gazprom» to pay for the fact that it occupies a exclusive place in the transit market. Although the «Gazprom» nothing tranzitiruet, delivering the Ukrainian company,» Putin said at a press conference with Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban.

He called «this absurd to get rid of, to nullify all claims on both sides.»

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