Juventus scored the winning goal «the locomotive» in the final minute

Juventus scored the winning goal «the locomotive» in the final minute

The Moscow club on the home field lost Turin «Juventus» after conceding in the third minute of added

Photo: press service of «Locomotive»

The match of the fourth round of the group stage of the Champions League between Lokomotiv Moscow and Juventus ended with the victory of the Italian club with the score 2:1. The meeting was held at «RZD Arena» in Moscow. Controlled the game the referee from France Ruddy Bük.

The guests took the lead already in the fourth minute. Cristiano Ronaldo struck free-kick from the left flank, But did not hold the slippery ball and missed it between the legs. Aaron Ramsey there was nothing to put the ball into the goal.

On 12-th minute «the locomotive» has restored equality in the account. Determined Gibraltar hung from the left flank, Alexey miranchuk horse won the fight in the center of the penalty area and struck his head on the post. The ball bounced back to the Beginning, who scored into an empty net.

The winning goal Juventus scored in the third minute of added time. Substitute in the closing stages, Douglas Costa received the ball on the left wing from Alex Sandro, ahead of two rivals, played in «stenochku» with Gonzalo Higuain, took another from the two opponents and shot between the legs of Guilherme.

Juventus scored ten points, having strengthened the leadership in group D and securing an exit in the playoffs. «The locomotive» remained in third place with three points. The team shares Atletico Madrid, had seven points and the game with the Leverkusen «Bayer» in stock.

For «the Locomotive» this defeat became the third in a row in the Champions League. Previously, the railwaymen conceded Atletico Madrid (0:2) and Juventus (1:2).


Semin called the defeat of Juventus, half-cocked before the end of a good thing

The previous meeting with the Turin club took place two weeks ago in Italy. On 30-th minute Alexey miranchuk brought Lokomotiv forward. A victory for the hosts brought a brace Paulo Dibala at the end of the meeting.

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