The Central Bank has appointed a «savings» the penalty for nepodkljuchenija to the System of quick payments

The Central Bank has appointed a «savings» the penalty for nepodkljuchenija to the System of quick payments / Akishin Vyacheslav

The Bank of Russia has fined the «savings Bank» for nepodkljuchenija to the System fast payments (SBP). This follows from the speech of the Chairman of Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina in the Federation Council.

«Now to the system (System of quick payments. — Approx. TASS) joined 10 of 11 systemically important banks. One Bank did not comply with the requirements of the legislation, received from us an order. We appointed him to a fine. We hope that the work will be done on the early connection of the Bank to the system,» she said. Elvira Nabiullina was quoted by TASS.

Of the Central Bank in case of default provisions in the period may penalize banks amounting to 1% of the minimum share capital. Thus, «Sberbank» can be fined up to 10 million rubles, write «Vedomosti».

Nabiullina in the Federation Council also said that the system currently welcomed 25 Russian banks. The volume of transactions exceeded 35 billion rubles.

Systemically important banks had to connect to the SBP before 1 October this year, and banks with General license may do so by October 1, 2020. The savings Bank as systemically important, the Bank still did not.

Its President Herman Gref spoke about the problem in September. «So, we will be fined. It is impossible to do,» he said. According to Gref, the Bank should not have set such terms without discussion.

The Bank of Russia in early 2019, has launched a system of fast payments, allowing the Russians to transfer money by phone number. In addition, the possibility of payment for goods and services using QR code in stores. Commission for sales outlets in this case will be significantly lower than for card acquiring. For example, consumer goods, health and education services, the rate is set at 0.4% for the others — 0,7%. These tariffs take effect from October 1, 2019.

Until recently, the average Commission on the banking system above — 1%. In the «Sberbank online» transfer between cards of different divisions of the savings Bank, too, is 1% and the transfers to cards of other banks — 1,5%, noted The Bell.

Sberbank was initially against SBP: system threatens its business model and potential loss of the state Bank of reduced fee — tens of billions of rubles. In the credit organization account for 70% of transfers from card to card. Participation in the faster payments System was conceived as a voluntary, but because of the resistance of the «savings Bank» systemic regulator ordered banks to join.

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