Semak has called a deserved victory «Leipzig» over Zenit

Semak has called a deserved victory «Leipzig» over Zenit

Head coach of «Zenith» Sergei Semak was named a well-deserved victory of «Leipzig» and noted the main advantages of the German club over the St. Petersburg team

Photo: Global Press

Head coach of «Zenith» Sergei Semak pointed to a more intense game of «Leipzig» and the high speed of decision-making from the opponent, which had not time to react to the Russian club. He stated

«We need to get used to playing in the Champions League, there are mistakes, the level high,» he said.

According to the Semak, the chosen tactics with three Central defenders and play on the counter came the command. «To play four defenders with two slow Central defenders against a team with fast players, it would be wrong,» he added. The main chances for the realization of a goal «Zenith» was in the standards and counterattacks, according to the Semak.

November 5, «Zenit» lost «Leipzig» with the account 0:2 in the group match of the Champions League. After Olympique Lyonnais and SL Benfica, the Russian club dropped to third place in their group.

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