The RFU said of CSKA please explain the error of the judge in a match with «Zenith»

The RFU said of CSKA please explain the error of the judge in a match with «Zenith»

In the match between «Zenith» and CSKA happened to the controversial episode with the forward of Petersburgers Serdar Asanam. CSKA demanded an explanation from the RFU

Photo: Official website of the RFU

The main arbitrator of a match «Zenith» — CSKA Mikhail Vilkov had to show the yellow card to the forward of Petersburgers Serdar Asmenu at the beginning of the match. The journalists said the head of the Department of refereeing and inspection of the Russian football Union (RFU) Alexander Egorov.

The match was held November 2 in St. Petersburg, played a draw — 1:1. In the seventh minute of the first half, Azmoun boots stepped on the calf of the halfback of CSKA Ivan Oblakova, Vilkov did not warn the player.

After the break in a similar situation the attacker hit the defender and guests Hardore Magnusson, for which he received a yellow card. Later the General Director of CSKA the novel Babayev asked from Egorova explanation for the refereeing in the match.

Journalists at the press conference asked Egorova was whether a fork to remove Asana. He said that the situation for removal was not obvious. «In a situation with Asanam the referee did not see any opportunity to show red. The player played the ball, touching the leg of the opponent. Speed, brutality, aggression and punching was not. Vilkov decided that in this game in the seventh minute to show the card not worth it. In my opinion, it was necessary to show yellow,» — said Yegorov told reporters.

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