Katya Barnabas took off all her clothes and threatened to shave

photo: a frame from the video

Russian comedienne Katya Barnabas laid out in Instagram photo, which appeared in a rather unusual way. On the frame on the purple background color without her clothes, covers her Breasts with hands and hair painted in a dark color and a hair cut. Do cut your hair artist or is it a wig, is difficult to understand.

«I’m going to get a haircut. Here is a direct answer. Not threatening you» — this is the entry to the photo left Barnabas. Users responded differently in this photo. Someone started to praise the appearance of komediantka, and someone chose to write jokes.

«Buy a hair. Expensive!» — so reads the first comment to the blog. Others stressed that so Barnabas looks very impressive and beautiful, and the look was very dramatic. «You are very tender in this photo, is to change the way» — I found the answer to one of fans.

However, if you look at the photo carefully, it is easy to see that the photo has been seriously retouched. «Not in the dark, you with light hair on fire!» — added subscribers, asking the artist to withdraw from the decision. Some noted that Barnabas with short hair more like a man.


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