«In Ancient Rome, no sex!»: as previously fought for morality

«In Ancient Rome, no sex!»: as previously fought for morality

Human history knows two trends: the first is craving for sex and the second — the struggle with sex. Why do so — let him think Sigmund Freud. Let’s look, as fought the disease in different ages.

The Roman Emperor Augustus (63 BC — 14 ad)

The Emperor Augustus is known by the name of the last month of summer. And he stopped the civil war, abolished the Republic and strengthened Rome. At the same time, there was a terrible conservative, and believed that it was better, youth gone wild and need to pospremiti.

With the lechery he fought decrees, for example, forbade women to watch a fight. August was not against the sports, just at that time, was made to fight in a negligee, and serious ladies ought not see such obscenities. And Octavian fines strengthen the family. Caught cheating on a man had to pay a tidy sum, and my wife could get a divorce without unnecessary red tape. Disgraced the husband was obliged by law to declare, and if they didn’t want him tried as a pimp. Dad caught daughter with a lover, had the right to kill that on the spot. All men under 60 were to be married. All women under 50 years married. The families were large, people often inherited. Childless was only entitled to half of the bequeathed, and the bachelors all were left with nothing.

The result of the bans predictable — the growth of corruption and bribes. The Romans cheated and looked for loopholes in the laws. The Emperor wanted to increase the birth rate to have more soldiers, but he failed. Yes, and August was not a model of integrity — he divorced his wife who had just bore him a daughter, married another, which was taken from the lawful husband. Historians write that I loved, but this did not prevent the Emperor to have fun with young girls and other men’s wives. It was not possible to educate in severity or daughter or granddaughter. Both were known whores. They say that the granddaughter is ahead of all and participated in orgies in the forum.

Bishop Cyril Of Alexandria (376-444)

In the fifth century there was neither Inquisition nor Vice, but was the Bishop of Alexandria, Cyril, which replaced both. Groups of armed monks fought against pagans, Jews, and other dissidents. I must say that those, too, were not white and fluffy and loved to make Christian pogroms.

Over time, the power of the Bishop has expanded his followers beat up a prefect (city Chapter) and according to one version killed Hypatia – a woman who led the local school of philosophy. Fanatics crowd tore at her clothes and tore the skin.

Savonarola – the most unusual theologian, Italy (1452-1498)

Savonarola was not a theologian, but the President of the Florentine Republic. Bright and devoted preacher of Christianity of the man, he knew how to inflame hearts and to convict sinners. Savonarola did not skimp on the words and even criticized the Pope.

«The sins of Italy — he said — make me a prophet.» He was offered the Bishop’s and cardinal’s rank. His popularity was such that he appointed his sermons at the same time when he was supposed to be balls and masquerades. Surprisingly, people went to the Friar, not fun. This fanatical preacher managed for a short time to turn the fun and celebrate the city of Florence in a real monastery.

Savonarola denounced the luxury and women ceased to wear jewelry to Church. Savonarola criticized prazdnika and the Florentines began to read the Bible, instead of Boccaccio and Ovid. Savonarola banned cards — and voluntary vigilantes patrolled the city in search of dens of gambling. Perfume, clothes, mirrors, paintings — all the wicked stuff burned in the square. The artist himself Botticelli burned several of his own works. The preacher forbade homosexuality and issued a decree by which the perverts burned alive. In all fairness I must say that during all his reign, and executed only one sodomite and more for robbery than orientation.

After a year of cheerful Renaissance Florence was not to know: all prayed, fasted and went to Church. Women were modest, on the streets instead of songs sang Psalms, many have gone to the monastery to atone for sins. The king of Florence had proclaimed Christ, and the Friar — the chosen one. The Board preacher stopped Pope Alexander VI — who himself knew a nice time: Savonarola was publicly executed.

Protestant preacher John Calvin (1509-1564)

Surprisingly, 500 years ago the Protestants were the real fanatics. No where else but Geneva — the quiet capital of Switzerland, Calvin taught morality more than 20 years, between 1536 and 1564 years and has achieved considerable success. The preacher said from the beginning that creates a new order and authority must belong to the theologians, led by him. People accept the ideas and influence of the preacher grew.

In Geneva were established the theocratic dictatorship. Shut down all the theatres, broke a mirror, forbidden to do hair. Even minor violations of ethics, punishable by death. Only one year reign, Calvin was executed 54 people and more than 70 were banished. To such results was far and August, and Savonarola.

Two hundred years later, Voltaire joked that Calvin opened the doors of monasteries not to release the monks, and to drive back the whole world.

Queen Victoria (1819-1901)

The Victorian era — the heyday of the «Empire on which the sun never set». It is also a period of bigotry and hypocrisy.

Struggled with everything that is related to sexual relations, or resembles something of this sort. For example, eggs were called «chicken fruit.» Has developed a male «chastity belt» to the boys engaged in Masturbation. On the rack uprights with rounded ends put on lotion. Even books written by men and women, put on different shelves, if the authors «were not married». To offer lunch lady chicken leg was considered a terrible vulgarity. The sex was a taboo subject. Slept, and even sometimes washed clothes. In a negligee, the woman was not seen even husband. Pregnancy is off the table, with the abdomen could not appear in society.

I must say that these rules applied only to the ruling strata. The vernacular was far from conventional. Pregnant women worked until the birth. Flourished dens with drugs and prostitutes. Homosexuality has existed in latent form. The Victorian era went down in history as a symbol of bigotry and hypocrisy, where «it is impossible, but if you really want to — you can».

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