Russian skaters won gold at the Grand Prix in France

Russian skaters won gold at the Grand Prix in France

Mishin and Alexander Gallyamov won a victory in competitions of sports pairs in Grenoble. Second place was taken by couple from Russia — Daria Pavlyuchenko and Denis Khodykin

Russian figure skaters Anastasia Mishin and Alexander Gallyamov took first place in pair skating at tapetape series Grand Prix in Grenoble.They scored 207,58 points in the two programs.

Silver took another pair from Russia as part of the Daria Pavlyuchenko and Denis Khodykin. In total, they scored 206,56 points. In third place were Americans Kheven Denny and Brandon Frazier (199,40).

The winner of the competition in women’s figure skating became a 16-year-old Russian woman Alyona Kostina. She showed the best result in a short and arbitrary programs, received from the judges in the amount of 236.00 points.

The silver medal was won by Olympic and world champion Alina Sagitova, gaining a total of 216,06 points.


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