Babchenko gave a «thank you» Kiselyov and confirmed that left Ukraine


Journalist and blogger Arkady Babchenko confirmed that leaves from the Ukraine. Previously this was told by his colleague Yevgeny Kiselyov.

«The process «I’m» running», — wrote in his Facebook Babchenko. He recalled that six months ago, wrote that if the President of Ukraine will be «candidate X», it will leave the country. Now that the head of state was Vladimir Zelensky, the blogger took this decision.

He also noted that reports «special thanks» Yevgeny Kiselev for the fact that «he was able to resist and not to disclose» at least address Babchenko. Also, the blogger hinted that the left in Israel.

Earlier Yevgeny Kiselyov said that once Russian, then Ukrainian blogger Arkady Babchenko left his new homeland. In the program «milk and Honey» the reporter talked with my colleague Sergei L. Loiko. He called Babchenko «the great Ukrainian blogger,» to which the author replied that the Ukrainian his name is already incorrect.

Later there was a comment from the channel name. He stated that Babchenko, perhaps forever and moved «whether in Estonia or in Finland.»


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