Russian figure skater won silver at the Grand Prix in France

Russian figure skater won silver at the Grand Prix in France

Alexander Samarin lost two-time world champion, American Nathan Chen. Sergei Voronov was the sixth, Anton Shulepov — 11-m

Photo: Naoki Nishimura/AFLO

Competition in the men’s singles third in the current season of the Grand Prix in the French Grenoble was won by American Nathan Chen. Two-time world champion showed the best result in a short and arbitrary programs, received from the judges in the amount of 297,16 points.

The silver medal was won by silver medalist of the European championship 2019 Russian Alexander Samarin. In a short program took second place, and in any became third.

On the total amount of points (265,10) Samarin ahead of Frenchman Kevin Amosa (254,64). The owner of ice in any program showed the second result, but the final report remained third.

Another representative of Russia — the double prize-winner of the European Championships Sergei Voronov — won the Grand Prix of France in sixth place (220,98 points). Anton Shulepov in both programs was the last 11-m (183,98 points in total).

Chen won a second this season, the Grand Prix and secured a spot in the finals series, which will be held from 5 to 8 December in Turin. Earlier in October, the American has won first place in the Skate America in Las Vegas. The third in that tournament was the Russian Dmitri Aliev.

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Later stage in Grenoble, your custom program will show women. After a short rental is the leader of the 15-year-old Russian woman Alyona Kostina. The second is the Olympic champion Alina Sagitova.

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