Rented «Spartak» player brought the «Tambov» win over «Sochi»

Rented «Spartak» player brought the «Tambov» win over «Sochi»

Scored in the match three points allowed the newcomer RPL to climb to 14th place in the standings of the championship of Russia

Photo: press service of «Tambov»

«Tambov» on departure beat «Sochi» in the match of 15-th round of the championship of Russia. The meeting of two newcomers RPL ended with the score 2:1 in favor of the Tambov club.

Late in the first half, the teams exchanged goals. On goal by Michael Kostyukova the hosts responded with an accurate shot by Christian Noboa.

The winning goal in the 56th minute, scoring leased from Spartak Moscow Georgy Melkadze. At the first stroke of the striker managed to parry the goalkeeper «Sochi» Soslan Dzhanaev, but after finishing Melkadze the ball flew into the net.

This season, the 22-year-old striker scored in «Tambov» four times already. Earlier in 40 games for «Spartak» and «Tosno» he has not scored a single goal in the championship of Russia.


Grigoryan resigned from the post of chief coach of «Tambov»

«Tambov» scored 14 points and climbed to 14th place in the standings of the championship of Russia, having outstripped on additional indicators Grozny, «Akhmad». Sochi with 13 points dropped in the last 16th position.

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