Discussing «reunion» Kirkorov and Katya Guseva

Photo: instagram.com/djkatyaguseva/

People’s artist Philip Kirkorov and DJ Ekaterina Guseva back together these people to discuss fans of the singer, confident, and informed colleagues was not only friendship. The reason for speculation is the photographs of Baku, where Kirkorov and Gusev were together, though children of the king of pop.

Combines the published Gusev itself. In the caption she modestly thanked Kirkorov for «a wonderful two days in the incredible country» and calls him «You».

«You were the best dad,» she added.


Fans of Kirkorov however did not want to believe in a friendly meeting. They remembered that last year the artists often appeared in public together, then Guseva starred in the video for Kirkorov «Ibiza». Finally, the woman managed to find a common language with his son and daughter ex-husband of Alla Pugacheva, which once again confirmed the shots from the Azerbaijani capital. However, do these celebrities do not comment on speculation.


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