The promoter called «the business story» fight Povetkin in Saudi Arabia

The promoter called «the business story» fight Povetkin in Saudi Arabia

Alexander Povetkin is in good shape and ready to fight with American Mike hunter. According to the promoter of the athlete Andrei Ryabinsky, the conduct of the battle in Saudi Arabia plays a big role in the development of Boxing from a business point of view

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Saudi Arabia — a new attractive from a financial point of view, the venue for Boxing matches. About it told RBC the head of the promoting organization «the World of Boxing» Andrey Ryabinsky.

Earlier it became known that the Russian Alexander Povetkin, working with «World of Boxing», will hold his next fight against hunter Dec 7, in Saudi Arabia.

«Sasha is in good shape for its 40 years. He is now at the stage of preparation, and a lot will depend on his readiness. I think he will be ready to fight well. Sasha always was in this matter very conscientious» — said Ryabinsky.

In Saudi Arabia large Boxing tournaments are rare. According to Rybinski, this state has good financial possibilities for a major Boxing evening

«This entry into a new market. Let’s see how things turn out. From a business point of view Saudi Arabia — new cash place. Saudi Arabia is interested in holding such events at this level. It is for us business history. We will not hide that there is a lot of money. This means that big events can be held and to be interesting for us and the organisers in General,» said Rabinsky.

In August, Povetkin defeated the Briton Hughie fury won the vacant title WBA International heavyweight champion. Hunter holds the title WBA Inter-Continental heavyweight title, which he won in September of this year in the fight with Russian boxer Sergey Kuzmin. After this victory, hunter said he wants to fight Povetkin.

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