Strongly plump singer Alex surprised the users of the network

photo: a frame from the video

Singer Shura (Alexander Medvedev) posted a Instagram video in which he thanked one of the stylish homes donated to frost scarf. «First snow in Moscow, and the scarf I already have,» said Shura. However, subscribers did not pay attention to the subject of clothing, and the artist who had gained weight.

The evolution of the figure of Shura can be seen in his publications. This time the singer appeared rounded so that users are unable to contain her surprise. «Shura, what are you doing raskabanel that so?», «Shura, what are you again razbunarea that», «What cute puglias», «Mdaaaa Shura, the bone you have is too wide», «You are more and more becoming» — was written by the Russians.

However, Shura, many believe the good and radiant heat person. «Man with a huge heart» — so-called fans. Not long ago, the media reported that song Shura Tvori dobro was in elementary school textbooks in Kazakhstan. The singer said he did not «claim to Pushkin.» The song was in the section «from heart to heart» reasonably, said Shura.


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