Extravaganza Svechnikova, a hat-trick Radulov and fight Zadorova. The week in review NHL

Extravaganza Svechnikova, a hat-trick Radulov and fight Zadorova. The week in review NHL

Ovechkin became the 12th sniper in the history of the League, Radulov scored four points for the match, Tarasenko will miss six months due to injury, and Gusev has ceased to be part of the «new Jersey». RBC — about the game the Russians over the ocean in the fourth week of the regular season NHL

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Ovechkin became the 12th sniper in history

Last week Alexander Ovechkin brought the number of abandoned this season to 11 goals and a career in the NHL on account of his 669 goals. Forward ahead of Luc Robitaille (668) and came in 12th place among snipers in the League.

This season the 34-year-old striker probably will pass by Teemu selanne (684), Mario Lemieux (690), Steve Yzerman (692), Mark Messier (694) and will be included in the top eight players in the NHL in goals scored.

Last week, Ovechkin was especially good game with Toronto in which he gave two assists and scored two goals, equalized in the third period and scoring the winning goal in overtime — 4:3. The Russian was recognized as the first star of the game day. Washington is in first place in the table.

Radulov made a second hat-trick

Account for the fourth largest contract ($6,25 million) of the player «Dallas» by Alexander Radulov had only four (1 + 3) points in 13 games. The same number he scored in the last game against Minnesota, scoring three goals and making an assist. At the end of the second period, «Dallas» has lost 0:3, but won 6:3.

However, Radulov luck. The second goal he gave up formally, as it flew into the goal after a cross from the Russians, which was closed by the player «Minnesota». The third striker scored into an empty net.

For Radulov this hat-trick was the second in NHL games. First he made on 8 March 2019 in the game with «Colorado» (4:0).

«Dallas» takes the 11th place in the Western conference table, behind the zone playoffs by five points.

Tarasenko is out for up to six months

Vladimir Tarasenko injured her left shoulder on October 25 in the game, «Los Angeles» (5:2), he has scored points in five matches in a row.

Three days after it became knownthat the reigning Stanley Cup Champions have lost their leading striker for five months. Tarasenko had surgery. He will miss almost the entire remainder of the regular season.

Svechnikov’s first NHL scoring style lacrosse

Andrey Svechnikov — second striker «Carolina», in 12 games he scored five goals and made seven assists. The team is in fourth place in the Eastern conference.

In the game with «calgary» with the account 0:1 in the third period he scored two goals. Especially beautiful was the first, stabbed in the style of lacrosse. So in the NHL are not scored even one.

«I practiced that shot. I tried it earlier, but hit the crossbar,» said Svechnikov.

On 53 minutes, the Russians scored another goal which became victorious.

After the game he congratulated the whole team.

Zadorov has used crazy power reception and had a fight

Colorado is one of the leaders of the Western conference: the club occupies the second place in the table. But in a match with «Florida» team lost 3:4 in overtime. However, the game is remembered for the scenes involving dimensional (193 cm 91 kg) Russian defender «avalanche» Nikita Zadorova. First he conducted one of the most spectacular force all season. After him James hawryluk left the area.

Five minutes Zadorov did not like that the power reception applied already against him. Its author, Dryden hunt, the Russians began to beat with a stick, and it all ended with a fight. Before leaving the ice, Zadorov was shouting something to the rivals and showed some finger.

Gusev has ceased to be part of the «new Jersey»

After six defeats at the start of the championship, «new Jersey» scored two wins. It would seem that the team began to improve. But then followed by two more failures.

The best scorer of the KHL last season, Nikita Gusev in nine games and scored three goals and made one transfer, and the last missed meeting by decision of the coaches.

Many began to compare his career in the NHL with the situation, which turned out to be another Russian forward, a former partner at Gusev SKA and Russian national team Vadim Shipachev. In 2017, he signed a two-year contract for $9 million with «Vegas», but after three games was returned to Russia.

Bobrovsky continues to miss a lot

Florida is in the zone of the playoffs, but he remains an outsider of the League in number of goals against — 51. More it misses only the last team in the Western conference «Los Angeles» — 54.

To call the situation a surprise is difficult. Team head coach «Florida» Joel Quenneville play with emphasis on attack, which can not affect the action of the goalkeepers. At the same time, hardly anyone expected that Bobrovsky, who in the offseason with a salary of $10 million a year the highest paid goalie in the League after Carey price ($10.5 million) in an average match will pass at 3.7 goals and reflect only 87.3% of the shots.

Last week, the Russian club won two victories — over «Edmonton» (6:2) and «Colorado» (4:3), but in the game, «Vancouver» both goalkeepers «Florida» waiting for a failure. By the seventh minute replacement Bobrowski Sam Montambo missed three goals after nine shots, and came out on the ice, the Russians for the remaining time before a break or two. On the second break, the coaches of the newly released Montambo. The match ended with the score 2:7.

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