Aven appreciated the idea Fedun to pass in «Spartak» fans

Aven appreciated the idea Fedun to pass in «Spartak» fans

The owner of «Spartak» Leonid Fedun said that in 2023 a controlling stake in «Spartacus» will be donated to non-profit organizations whose members are fans

Photo: Global Press

The idea of the owner «Spartaka» Leonid Fedun to give the club supporters the club is reasonable, but closereason. This opinion was expressed by the head of Alfa-Bank Petr Aven, whose words leads «championship».

«The initiative of Leonid Fedun to hand the club over to the fans — a reasonable, if possible. This is promising, but very difficult to implement,» said Aven.

Summer Fedun promised by 2023 to hand over control of the club fans. For this, according to the owner «Spartaka» it is necessary to find sources of «self-supporting» of the club. According to him, he planned to introduce fans to the shareholders of the club over a decade ago, but their idea have prevented the crises of 2008 and 2014.

At the beginning of October 2016 Aven saidthat he was going to buy half of all of the shares of «Spartacus.» But the deal fell through due to the fact that some members of his team for «objective reasons» could not become shareholders «Spartaka». Reveal the reasons Aven is not.

On Thursday, the «Spartacus» defeated «Rostov» in a match 1/8 Cup-finals of Russia. The meeting ended with the victory of the capital club with the score 2:1. The following rival of «Spartacus» in the tournament will be CSKA Moscow, which thanks to a goal Yaki Biala on the third added minute has won «Ufa» (1:0).

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