Posner called the reason is not to accuse Malkin of hypocrisy for a U.S. passport

Posner called the reason is not to accuse Malkin of hypocrisy for a U.S. passport

Well-known journalist Vladimir Pozner agreed with the words of a hockey player Evgeni Malkin that the two countries cannot be friendship

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The level of nationalism, anti-Americanism in Russia could adversely affect the reputation of the forward «Pittsburgh penguins» Evgeni Malkin. He believes that the allegations in licemerie against Malkin is wrong. On this edition of «Business Online» said a well-known journalist Vladimir Pozner.

Previously portal Sports.ru and telegram channel Cryptonatica published an investigation of the blockchain-business Malkin. In the article they quoted lawyer Dmitry Machikhina involved in a business project of a hockey player. Machihin, in particular, told about the presence of the forward of «Pittsburgh» citizenship of the United States. Later, the hockey player confirmed this information.

According to Posner, Malkin is a hypocrite and does not knowingly hid his US citizenship. «He’s not hiding it — Eugene just has not announced it, but did not climb onto the roof of a house and shouted: «Look, I have American citizenship!» — the journalist noted.

He made a negative response to the athlete in Russia due to the fact that opens with U.S. citizenship.

«Given the level of nationalism in Russia of anti-Americanism and, I would even say that some elements of chauvinism, the information that Malkin is a US citizen, can affect its reputation. I think that now may start «hunting the wolf», they say, as it is, he has US citizenship,» said Posner.

Earlier in interview to «Match TV» Malkin statedthat he never liked conversations wanted «to be friends with the West, to be friends with America, even with all». «Yes, there are no friends,» said Malkin in his interview.

According to Posner, Malkin is a sincere man, and his position can agree. «Perhaps, I do agree — the country can’t be friends with each other,» said Posner, adding that each state pursues its own interests.

Malkin is one of the most titled Russian hockey players. Three times he won the Stanley Cup in 2009, 2016 and 2017. In the regular championship of NHL it has spent 854 matches and scored 1003 points (392 washer + 611 assists).

In the Russian team, he won seven medals at the world Championships. He won gold (2012, 2014), twice became the silver medalist (2010, 2015) and three bronze (2005, 2007, 2019).

In 2017, before the election of the President of Russia Malkin joined the movement Team Putin («Putin’s Team»), created by his teammate on the Russian national team, the forward of «Washington capitals» Alexander Ovechkin.

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