Member of the public chamber has applied to the Prosecutor’s office against McGregor

Member of the public chamber has applied to the Prosecutor’s office against McGregor

Sultan Khamzayev asks to bring the Irish fighter article for inciting hatred or enmity in connection with his statements to the Dagestanis

Photo: press service of the UFC

A member of the public chamber of Russia Sultan Khamzayev has accused the former champion of UFC in two weight category Conor McGregor racism and asked to bring him under article 282 (inciting hatred or enmity). He appealed to the General Prosecutor of Russia Yuri Chaika and sent a statement to the Prosecutor.

Last week, McGregor took part in a press conference in Moscow. In particular, the Irish fighter named champion of the UFC lightweight Habib Nurmagomedov and all Dagestanis cowards.

«Russia is a rich country in international relations and peoples. Dagestan is Russia in miniature. We peacefully exist in the composition of different faiths. Remarks Conor is racism. I accuse him of a racist statement to the Dagestani society» — quotes comes at Sport24.

«We demand to call him to responsibility under article 282. We demand an apology from him in front of the whole Dagestani people,» said Khamzayev.

Earlier the lawyer of legal firm «AltaVista» Valeria Arshinova told RBC that in the speech of McGregor was clearly present signs of «incitement of hatred or enmity, and equally humiliation of human dignity» (article 282 of the criminal code), but to this part to prove the need to conduct linguistic expertise.

Martial arts

In McGregor threw a bottle during a workout at the hotel in Moscow

Senior partner of the law firm Pen & Paper Konstantin Dobrynin told RBC that this McGregor is the beginning of a business project called «Promotion battle between Habib and Connor».

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