UPS if the «downed pilot» over Tushino. The main thing about the 1/8 of the Cup of Russia

UPS if the «downed pilot» over Tushino. The main thing about the 1/8 of the Cup of Russia

On Wednesday and Thursday in six cities across the country will host eight matches 1/8 Cup-finals of Russia on football. Three pairs play the Premier League, two of the first division, in three of the elite team will meet with clubs FNL

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«Spartak» — «Rostov», 31 October, 19.30

In the championship RPL teams met in the second round and played 2:2. The rise of «Rostov» and the fall of «Spartacus» was yet to come. July 20, the Muscovites were somewhat different lineup and a different coach. Three months later, the club has changed a lot.

It is now obvious that the Russian Cup for Spartak is extremely important. After all, to get into the European competitions next season through the championship, you need to take a seat in the top five. And from there the club Leonid Fedun is behind by eight points. The gap is not catastrophic, but big. And, most importantly, the level of the first five teams is clear, and it will be a «Spartacus» is not clear. Yes, under the guidance of the new coach Domenico Tedesco was a bright victory over the «Locomotive», but it was grey and a draw with «ruby».

«Spartak» for the coach of «Rostov» Valery Karpin stimulus is always. Suffice it to recall the words of club owner Fedun «downed pilot» addressed to Karpin, who is Spartak were in charge, this team was coached and played. As for the motivation, it is a strong side of the coach Karpin. So say the players of his teams.

No question about the fact that «Spartak» will play a major part, can not go. The Cup is much more real chance of the team to get into Europe than the championship. Will be on the field the best. Karpin, despite the fight for the medals and the upcoming Sunday away match with a direct competitor to the «Krasnodar», is unlikely to leave the leading players on the bench in such important game. The meeting in Moscow is the Central matchams 1/8 finals.

CSKA Moscow — Ufa, 30 October, 19.00

CSKA can win the championship three consecutive games — two defeats and a draw. Glasses the army has shared it with the «Ufa» — October 20, played out 1:1.

In the following rounds both teams were defeated. «Ufa» for the first time in the season lost by a margin of more than one ball — 0:3. And the game with the last team in the League, «Tambov». The defeat hurt so Ufimtsev, they decided to withdraw from the premium for the previous matches of the season.

The team of Vadim Yevseyev, like CSKA, judging by the results, is also not in the best condition — two defeats and two draws in their last four matches and only one goal scored.

The army team in Saturday’s important away match against Zenit and of players is limited. Would Viktor Goncharenko put all the main? In case of defeat a detachment of Muscovites from Petrograd will increase to nine points and fight for the championship will be almost impossible. But the departure from the Cup, not when things are going neither in the championship nor in the Europa League (three defeats in three games) will also become for CSKA beat.

«Ural» — «Arsenal», 30 October, 17:00

The third pair of teams in the Premier League. In the table of RPL, their share is two points — from «Ural» 18, Arsenal — 16.

However, the prospects for Tula team look much dimmer. The team has the longest losing streak, seven games, and in the next five rounds «the Arsenal» will meet with «Spartak», «Zenith», «Krasnodar», CSKA and «Locomotive».

«Ural» more stable. Besides, this team has been doing real good in the Cup, the students played in the finals in 2017 and 2019, both times losing to Lokomotiv — 0:2 and 0:1. And the current head coach of «Ural» Dmitry Parfyonov won the Russian Cup as a coach, winning in 2018.

The «Ural» has all the chances to reach the final this year. In the top half of the grid, where the team, apart from Arsenal still only one representative of the Premier League «Orenburg».

«Ahmad» — the «Beam», October 30, 18:00

Luch at the previous stage knocked out from the Cup of «Dynamo». However, if the Muscovites were in crisis, which culminated in the change of the head coach. And the game was held in Vladivostok. But the victory of «Beam» in Grozny, there does not seem fantastic.

Yes, Luch is on the verge of falling into the relegation zone of Germany, but who won in the first match after the appointment of Igor Shalimov, the head coach»Ahmad» is also not impressive — in two home games scored only one point and fell to last place in the table. Less expected (nine goals) in RPL scores just «ruby» (eight).

«Torpedo» — «Baltika», 31 October, 19:30

Tournament table and a solid performance of «torpedo» in this season can make the team the main sensation of present draw of the Cup. As already noted, in the top of the grid, where is the Moscow team, with only three representatives of the Premier League. At least one of them will leave the tournament after the 1/8 finals. And all the teams leader of the FNL, in General, to beat the strength — «Orenburg», «Ural», «Arsenal».

But first «torpedo» must pass «Baltika», with which the team met in the previous round on October 27 in Kaliningrad and lost two points — 1:1. In the first round in Moscow torpedovtsy have won 2:0.

Other matches:

Nizhny Novgorod — Shinnik, 30 October, 19:00

«Zenit» — «Tom», 30 October, 20:00

«Orenburg» — «Khimki», 31 October, 16:00

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