Ukrainian businessman after criticism Yaroslavl Solovyov suggested live

Ukrainian businessman Oleksandr Yaroslavsky responded to criticism from Russian TV host Vladimir Solovyov. He informed sharply commented on the words of the entrepreneur’s readiness to invest $100 million in new airport of Donetsk. Yaroslavl Solovyov offered to personally answer questions about your business.

«With pleasure take part in your transmission in the mode of direct connection», — quotes «Interfax-Ukraine» a letter from Yaroslavl Solovyov.

The businessman said that with interest watched the program «Evening with Vladimir Solovyov» on 29 October, which were uttered a number of «ambiguous value judgments». He suggested that erroneous judgments of participants in the discussion based on lack of information about his business.

Yaroslavsky noted that developed their projects in a difficult time, like many colleagues, but no one episode of labour activity he is not ashamed. In particular, he reminded that the discussed in the program of football club «Metalist» in those years when he was in his assets, won in the competition. As for the current fate of f/K, it is better to deal with the new owners, said the businessman.

He stressed that he is ready to go on air tonight and to provide the information «first-hand as quickly as possible». In a press-service structures Yaroslavl, told reporters that the letter has already been sent Solovyov and that its author is ready for direct inclusion.


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