The head of the organizing Committee called delirium «pattern of bribery» in selecting host the 2018 world Cup

The head of the organizing Committee called delirium «pattern of bribery» in selecting host the 2018 world Cup

Alexei Sorokin, told RBC that Russia has not developed any corruption schemes before selecting the host country for the world championship

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The news that Russia has been a corrupt influence on the members of the International football Federation (FIFA), is nonsense. About it RBC said the former Director General of the Organizational Committee on preparation and holding of the football world Cup «Russia-2018» Alexey Sorokin.

Previously portal , The Insider, citing Telegram-channel Black Mirror reported that the organizing Committee «Russia-2018» developed a corruption scheme to the choice of the host country world championship 2018. In particular, published the fragments of the hacked correspondence of Sergei Kapkov, who was at that time a post of the head of the Moscow Department of culture.

«This is bullshit. Why should the employee of the bid Committee to write something Capkova? Kapkov did not participate in the bidding activities. In my opinion, it all fabricated from beginning to end. Why, I don’t know. But looks like a pure fake,» says Sorokin.


Koloskov replied to the message about the plans of bribery in the selection of host world Cup 2018

According to the information appeared in March 2010, Deputy Director General of the organizing Committee «Russia-2018» Alexander Jorjadze allegedly sent a letter Capkova, the Russian presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich and Alexander Plutnik, Deputy head of the organizing Committee «Russia-2018», Igor Shuvalov. This letter was given to each member of FIFA, who participated in the vote when choosing the host country of the 2018 world Cup. In particular, in the dossier it was stated that the voice of the famous last German footballer Franz Beckenbauer can be obtained by transferring it to the Advisor €3 million and €1.5 million in case of victory of the Russian bid

However, Sorokin argues that any records existed. «All of our «impact» was during the open contacts, and we have answered all possible questions about this, including in the course of an official investigation», — said Sorokin.

FIFA world Cup 2018 held in Russia. The national team first managed to reach the 1/4 finals of the tournament. World Champions for the second time in history were French.

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