Ovechkin goes to the «eternal record» of the NHL. What is important to know

Ovechkin goes to the «eternal record» of the NHL. What is important to know

Alexander Ovechkin came in 12th place in the list of the best snipers in NHL history. Until the end of the season, he can beat four players, and by the spring of 2024 — to overtake the record of Wayne Gretzky. Now the loonie is ahead of the Russians on 225 goals

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Striker «Washington capitals» Alexander Ovechkin last night scored two goals in gate «Toronto maple leafs», bringing his team victory with the score 4:3 in overtime. 34-year-old Russian in this championship scored 11 goals and became the second scorer of the League. The total number of abandoned them washers — 669. Beat if Ovechkin record of Wayne Gretzky?

Anyone can get around Ovechkin this season

Now, the Russian striker — 12th sniper in League history. Thanks to the double in gate «Toronto» he surpassed Luc Robitaille (668 goals).

Among the first 11 of the best snipers in the history of the League players there. The exception of Jaromir Jagr, who at the age of 47 in favour of the Czech club Kladno in Czech Extraliga, but the NHL will not play. Your results one of the leading Ovechkin will not improve.

Average per game this season, the Russian throws 0,78 washer. Indicator to keep that throughout the championship is almost impossible. Throughout my career, Ovechkin such a figure at the end of the season was the only time — 0.79 in 2008, when he scored a record 65 goals.

In recent years, Ovechkin scored in an average season, 50 goals. With the exception of season 2016/17 when he was scoring just 33 times. Therefore, in figure 50 it is logical to navigate, assuming the number of goals that Ovechkin will throw in the current championship. By the beginning of March the Russians should be about 710.

With this indicator, Ovechkin will pass once the four legendary forwards. Figure Teemu selanne (684) will fall, probably before the new year: for the remainder of its occurrence in the days of «Washington» will play 26 matches, to score 16 goals Ovechkin is quite capable.

Next in line — captains, «Pittsburgh», «Detroit» and «Edmonton» Mario Lemieux (690), Steve yzerman (692) and mark Messier (694).

So by the end of this season, Ovechkin can become the eighth sniper in League history.

Seventh in the number of goals — Mike Gartner, who was scoring 708 times. Maybe Ovechkin will overtake him.

Ovechkin can catch up with Gretzky by the spring of 2024

On account of the best sniper of the NHL Wayne Gretzky goal 894, 225 more than Ovechkin. If the Russians retain usual pace and will to score 50 goals in a season, overtaking the loonie to end of season-2023/24, when his account is about 900 pucks.

To do this he will have around Phil Esposito (717 goals), Marseille Dionne (731), Brett hull (741), Jaromir Jagr (766) and Gordie Howe (801).

The first three Russian striker needs to get ahead in the next season. Jagr and Howe in season 2021/22. And in the next two — Gretzky.

Of the active players with Ovechkin doesn’t compete one. On account of nearest rival Patrick Marlo 553 goals. And Canadians for 40 years.

What can prevent

Ovechkin 34 years. And this is the main problem. He became the best sniper of the regular championship of NHL in six of the last seven seasons, but only won the «Maurice Richard trophy» eight times. Until the preconditions to decrease in productivity no. But who knows what will happen, for example, two or three years.

The greater the age, the longer is restored to the body, the higher the risk of injury. Although now Ovechkin is in great shape, and tendencies to its deterioration is not observed. He’s at the twenty leaders of the NHL in the number of power moves, his game is reminiscent of the work of the machine. Once the striker missed per season over four games.

In the spring of 2024, when Ovechkin can overtake Gretzky, he will be 38. In this age of 50 goals for the season, not throwing even the best snipers in the League. By spring 2024 the Russian forward canadian can not catch up.

But Ovechkin can continue his career. Jagr has finished playing in the NHL at 45 years old. Selanne is 43 years. Even if the performance of the Russian sniper will fall, he will have time to overtake Gretzky. Importantly, no serious injuries.


Brett hull, the fourth sniper in NHL history:

«If someone can beat the record Gretzky, only Ovechkin».

Jaromir Jagr, the third sniper in NHL history:

«If Alexander committed to play in the NHL until you reach the level of Gretzky, then he will succeed,» said Czech forward in an interview with «Izvestia».

Wayne Gretzky, the best sniper in NHL history:

«He has a chance to do it. If he does, I’ll be the first to shake his hand», — cited the words of the canadian official website of the NHL.

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