Media: examination revealed 0,43 ppm alcohol in the blood Believei

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

In the blood actress Lydia Believei identified 0,43 ppm alcohol. This examination showed, says Telegram-channel «112».

Earlier, the actress of the Vakhtangov Theatre caught in a scandal over alleged arranged on Board of a brawl. She was supposed to fly to tel Aviv together with Maria Poroshina and Valery Yaremenko. October 30, in Netanya, she had to play in the play «the Territory of passion».

But first the plane was delayed at the Moscow airport due to a technical fault. And when he was declared fit, then velegeva refused to obey the instructions of the flight attendants and did not raise the backrest of the folding chair in its original position.

The actress explained his behavior by saying that she had 25 minutes to spend without clothes on the bus, which delivered the passengers to the aircraft, which caused a very negative reaction.

To leave the plane, she refused. However, after much wrangling the Luggage was unloaded, and the actress dropped off.

Commenting on the incident, her husband, actor Alexei Guskov told «MK» that velegeva «absolutely not drunk».


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