Malkin ruled out the refusal of the Russian citizenship and playing for the national team

Malkin ruled out the refusal of the Russian citizenship and playing for the national team

The Russian forward of NHL club «Pittsburgh penguins» stated that he sees nothing wrong with the passport USA

Evgeni Malkin has said it has no plans to abandon Russian citizenship and playing for the national team. On the eve of the defender of the club NHL «Pittsburgh penguins» confirmed that he is a US citizen.

«I have no idea and had to renounce Russian citizenship and playing for my national team», — quotes Malkin «R-Sport».

According to the player, he got a us passport for a long time. «It allows me and my family to cope with the complexities that arise when working in the social and domestic issues in another country, where I spend more than nine months of the year,» explained the striker.

This week the portal published an investigation of the blockchain-business Malkin. In the article they quoted lawyer Dmitry Machikhina involved in a business project of a hockey player. Machihin, in particular, told about the presence of Malkin’s U.S. citizenship.

Later, the hockey player confirmedthat he has dual nationality and called US their second home.


Malkin’s injury and the failure of Bobrovsky. How to play the Russians in the NHL

Pittsburgh chose Malkin in the first round draft pick in 2004 under the common second number. First then chose the current captain of «Washington» Alexander Ovechkin.

In the «Pittsburgh» Malkin won three times in the Stanley Cup in 2009, 2016 and 2017. In the regular championship of NHL it has spent 854 matches and scored 1003 points (392 washer + 611 assists).

With the Russian national team Malkin won seven medals at the world Championships. He won gold (2012, 2014), twice became the silver medalist (2010, 2015) and three bronze (2005, 2007, 2019).

In 2017, before the election of the President of Russia Malkin joined the movement Team Putin («Putin’s Team»), created by Alexander Ovechkin.

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