Conflict with Kudrin, Siluanov broke out around the budget

The budget is always the area of political fighting. The reason is obvious: unlike the round of declarations for all the good against the bad, the budget law is the rigid construction of real economic policy, with all corners and splinters. Political clashes happen around the budget when the legislature in the face of deputies of the State Duma and the Federation Council consists of one «party of power» with the government. In this case, the «battles» are conducted in the government itself, as is happening now in Russia. And «fighting» not «local», they are maintained for the purpose of economic policy and ways to implement them. Highlight the current situation that the budget 2020-2022 years, has already voted in first reading in the state Duma, sharper others in authority criticizes Alexei Kudrin, the father and former of the design of financial stability, which is the alpha and omega of the three-year budget, Kudrin penned by students.


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