«Common sense prevailed»: Denmark issued a permit for the laying of «Nord stream — 2»

«Common sense prevailed»: Denmark issued a permit for the laying of «Nord stream — 2″Short link

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Copenhagen has allowed the construction of a gas pipeline «Northern stream — 2» on the continental shelf of the country to the South-East of the island of Bornholm in the Baltic sea. The operator of the highway said that the work on the Danish site will begin soon. The experts noted that now the pipeline can be taken on schedule. Meanwhile in Kiev stressed that he expected from Denmark for this decision, and pointed to the importance of early reform of the Ukrainian gas market.

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The Danish energy Agency issued a permit for the construction of a gas pipeline «Northern stream — 2» on the continental shelf of the country to the South-East of Bornholm in the Baltic sea.

«The company 2 the Nord Stream AG has received permission for the construction of a gas pipeline on the continental shelf of Denmark», — stated in the message published by the press service of the Ministry.

The document is issued in accordance with Denmark’s obligations under the UN Convention on the law of the sea. According to them, Copenhagen needs to ensure the construction of transit pipelines, taking into account resources and the environment and, if necessary, to indicate the route.

The operator of the pipeline, Nord Stream AG 2, expressed satisfaction with the decision of the Danish side and promised to continue cooperation with Copenhagen.

«We are delighted to have obtained the consent of Denmark for construction of the main offshore gas pipeline «Nord stream — 2″ on the continental shelf of the Baltic sea to the South-East of the island of Bornholm. We will continue constructive cooperation with the Danish authorities for the successful completion of the pipeline,» said Samira Kiefer Andersson, Manager of permitting in Denmark, the company Nord Stream AG, 2.


«Purely geopolitical situation» in Russia did not rule out the construction of «Nord stream — 2» to bypass Denmark

Russian energy projects, including the «Nord stream — 2», designed to diversify the supply routes of gas to Europe,…

As reported in the company preparatory work, including installation of protective concrete pillow and the device is rock placement at the intersection with the existing infrastructure, and laying of pipes will begin in the coming weeks.

«For the construction of the Danish section of pipe will be used with logistic terminal at Mukran on the German island of rügen,» said the company.

Recall the «Nord stream — 2» is two threads of a gas pipeline with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year, which stretches from the coast of Russia in the Baltic sea to Germany. As reported by the operator of the pipeline shortly after the publication of the decision of Denmark to the present time laid down about 2100 km gas pipeline.

It is noted that pipe laying was completed in the waters of Russia, Finland and Sweden, and mostly in German waters. Work on two coastal sites are nearing completion, indicate in 2 of Nord Stream AG.

Commenting on the decision of Denmark, first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on energy Igor Ananskih noted that the confidence in a positive decision of Copenhagen were before.

«I’m glad common sense prevailed. Like you said Miller, all on schedule, and there is no doubt that on schedule to be commissioned «Nord stream — 2″. The deadline will be established and its work in full volume», — said the Deputy in an interview with RT.

In turn the head of analytical Department of national energy security Fund Alexander Pasechnik also pointed out that Copenhagen «waited until the last minute», but the final outcome was prosperous.

He drew attention to the fact that now there are all possibilities to take the project to the end of 2019, as planned.

«There’s still about five weeks to lay the pipe in Danish waters. Pipelay just realized the entire marine portion except for this Danish site,» — said the expert.

He stressed that these events are able to change the format of negotiations with Ukraine, opposed the «Nord stream — 2» for fear to remain without the income from the transit of Russian gas.

«Commissioning can take some time, and the first gas will not Jan 1, but several later. But a possible maximum delay is measured in weeks. Of course, in fact it completes the strategy of «Gazprom» to bypass the Ukrainian transit and the CTA. But while talk of full withdrawal from the Ukrainian transit is not,» — said the expert.

In «Naftogaz» declared that he expected a positive decision on the «Nord stream — 2» from Denmark. As stated by the head of the Ukrainian company Andrey Kobelev, now Kiev is even more important to complete the reform of the gas market and implement EU standards.

«We expected this decision during the autumn. The principled position of Denmark has delayed the project for some time, but a geopolitical weapon is impossible to stop instruments that regulate solely commercial relations», — he wrote in Facebook.

In turn, representatives of the Cabinet of Germany expressed the opinion that the project «Northern stream — 2» has a political component and the question of the future of gas transit via Ukraine requires elaboration.

«We always talked about the existence of a political component in the «Nord stream — 2″, repeatedly said that transit of gas through Ukraine to have a future», — quotes RIA Novosti statement of the official representative of the government of Germany Steffen Seibert.


«Harm not only to the «Nord stream — 2»: 2, Nord Stream AG will challenge the amendments to the Gas Directive in court

The operator of the construction of «Nord stream — 2» 2 Nord Stream AG has announced its intention to challenge in court the amendments to the Gas…

According to him, Germany «continues to support the work of the European Commission in tripartite negotiations with Russia and Ukraine to continue gas transit.»

Note that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin earlier said that «Nord stream — 2» is a purely commercial project, and the political background to it.

In the European Commission decision of Denmark refused to comment. In addition, the Association pointed out that the EU Gas Directive will apply to the «Nord stream — 2».

«We do not comment on the decision of the Danish authorities. With regard to the revised Gas Directive, it came into force this summer,» — said TASS representative of the Deputy Chairman of the EC, the European Commissioner for energy Union Maros Sefcovic Anna-Kaisa Itkonen.

However, the Austrian oil and gas company OMV said that «very pleased» the decision of the Danish authorities.

We will remind that amendments to the Gas Directive of the European Union adopted in April. This regulation extends to offshore pipelines requirements that apply to land lines. In particular, we are talking about unbundling and access of other companies to 50% of the capacity of the highway, non-discriminatory tariffs and transparency.

Director of the energy development Fund Sergey Pikin has indicated that a positive decision of the Danes was expected, but the timing of the receipt of the answer from Copenhagen remained in question.

«There was no clear understanding on the timing of this decision. The question here was not that the answer will be positive or negative, and that, in principle, be any in the foreseeable future. This is the foreseeable future has come, that’s a plus,» he said in an interview with RT.

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