Sobchak avenged Kharlamov a sex scene and his wife Asmus


TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak almost a year waiting for an opportunity to meet the comedian Garik Kharlamov, ridiculed her at the time still a secret romance with her future husband Konstantin Bogomolov.

Amid the scandal with the affair, about which learned first husband star actor Maxim Vitorgan and beat the opponent, the Director, the comedian released a comic song. In the image of «Edward Harsh,» he sang about the same meeting Sobchak and Bogomolov in the cafe, which ended in public scandal. Were these lines: «Well, let’s go to the cafe, this cafe here, And it will take a little bit of wine? Well, I don’t even know what kind of cafe? Well, strange cafe, will not go… Well, I don’t even know what kind of bedroom. Well, it is not well, can’t.»

Now in the center of the scandal was the Kharlamov. The tabloids have been trying to ascribe his wife, actress Christine Asmus, «infidelity». It caught without a wedding ring, and now she’s agreed to pose in a very revealing scene in the new movie. For this work his wife Kharlamov had to justify myself to haters. The comedian had stopped tactless questions like: how he allowed his wife to appear in «a pornography», and even in front of the whole country? In the social network Kharlamov tried to explain to detractors that his wife — actress and it’s her job, but because he sees nothing wrong.

Sobchak caustically commented on the situation. In Instagram she said Kharlamov in the post about told followers that he was «very upset». She hinted that she remembers about trolling her relationship with Bogomolov: «You know that this Director is impossible to refuse?» And then reproduced the style of the song Kharlamov, but in relation Asmus: «Christina did not say: «Well, I don’t even saaaay, just have to get naked?!… Well, it’s strange. No, I will not go!»

By the way, this is already the second attempt Sobchak go through this unpleasant for the couple Kharlamov Asmus topic. A couple of days ago, the TV star said that in the new issue of his transfer showed an excerpt of the same scene to discuss the new film with the guest of the program. However, it became clear that YouTube has blocked the release, as identified video as «almost porn».


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