Player Tarasov said about the interest to work in the state Duma

Player Tarasov said about the interest to work in the state Duma

Former midfielder «Locomotive» also noted that it is not interested in politics, but plans to study the activities of the parties in the future


Ex-football player of «Locomotive» Dmitry Tarasov said that after his sports career he was interested to work in the State Duma.

«I’m interested to try myself in something else. Coach I probably won’t. And to go into politics, to go deeper, to explore all that then your all the questions to answer correctly…», — said the athlete in an interview with YouTube channel «Around Golovin».

Tarasov said that now is not attuned to the political parties and does not support any of them. But expressed confidence that in the future he can learn the necessary skills to work in the Duma.

«I still play soccer, in parallel, will study or learn something. I would find that interesting», — said the footballer.

Tarasov played for «Lokomotiv» from 2010 to 2019. At the end of the last season of the championship of Russia he left the club in connection with the expiration of the contract. While he didn’t get in anywhere, and in September said it supported a form, training with the Moscow «Dynamo».

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