Malkin explained the presence of US citizenship

Malkin explained the presence of US citizenship

The Russian striker club «Pittsburgh penguins» has confirmed he has dual citizenship, and called US their second home

Photo: Peter Schatz, via www.imago-imag/

The Russian forward club of the National hockey League, «Pittsburgh penguins» Evgeni Malkin said that he sees nothing wrong with the presence of a us passport and that the US his second home. The words of hockey player results edition DK Pittsburgh Sports. Malkin confirmed that has dual citizenship, as previously reported by journalists.

«It [the US] my second home, I live here for many years,» said striker and said that he didn’t like the US fight with Russia. Malkin also said that does not violate any of the rules: «you Can have two passports. <…> There is nothing bad, I’m not worried about it.»

33-year-old Malkin, three — time Stanley Cup winner (2009, 2016, 2017). In the national team he twice won the world championship (2012, 2014), twice became the silver medalist of the world championship (2010, 2015) and three times won bronze medals (2005, 2007, 2019).

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