From the field to Blagoveshchensk: «Gazprom» has finished the filling of the pipeline «Power of Siberia»

From the field to Blagoveshchensk: «Gazprom» has finished the filling of the pipeline «Power of Siberia»Short link

George Mosolov
«Gazprom» announced the completion of the «Power of Siberia». Blue fuel has passed from the Chayandinskoye field in Yakutia to the station in the area of Blagoveshchensk. Thus, stated in the company, part of the leading China gas pipeline ready to start deliveries to China. The start of commercial operation is scheduled for December 2019.

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«Gazprom» has filled the gas pipeline from Russia to China «Power of Siberia». About it reported in a press-service of the company. It is noted that the fuel from the Chayanda field in Yakutia brought to the border gas metering station in the area of Blagoveshchensk.


The road to the East began filling the pipeline «Power of Siberia»

The gas pipeline «Power of Siberia» began to fill with natural gas. This was announced by the head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev. According to him, the highway…

«Thus, the linear part of the pipeline prepared by the beginning of pipeline deliveries of Russian gas to China», — quotes TASS the text of the message.

In «Gazprom» stressed that the next stage will be filled with gas cross-border transition through the Cupid. While home deliveries in China scheduled for December 1.

Very filling began in late summer. About August 29, said the head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev during the First oil and gas forum of the Republic.

«Our forum held on the eve of the launch of the gas pipeline «Power of Siberia», — he said. And today I can say that just yesterday began filling the pipeline «Power of Siberia» gas. From the first of December this year, we are confident, ambitious pipeline project will work, what will be the achievement of our great country.»

And on 11 October, «Gazprom» said that filling the gas went according to schedule. In this part of the work was carried out ahead of.

«Takes place in extreme climatic conditions»

We will remind, the gas pipeline «Power of Siberia» will run from Russia to China. This is a joint project of Gazprom and China national petroleum Corporation (CNPC). It starts with the Kovykta gas field, passes through the Chayandinskoye, then comes to the Amur gas processing plant and from there stretches on the Chinese side.

The total length of pipeline — about 3 thousand km Design export capacity of 38 billion cubic meters of gas. The agreement between the Russian and Chinese sides signed in 2014, a 30-year term. In the same year construction began.

While Gazprom emphasize that the construction is in extreme conditions.

«The pipeline takes place in extreme climatic conditions, overcomes the swampy, mountainous and seismically active areas, areas with permafrost or rocky soils,» reads the website of the company.

So, the absolute minimum temperature is from -62 °C in Yakutia to -41 °C in the Amur region.

    The Chinese part of the pipeline starts in Heihe city, located on the border with Russia opposite to Blagoveshchensk. From there it will lead in Shanghai. The total route length is about 3.3 thousand km Construction started in 2015, and the launch is scheduled for 2019. At the end of September it became known that in China completed the construction of a compressor station N0 to receive the Russian gas pipeline.

    It is noteworthy that this route will be supplied natural gas not only to China but also to Russian consumers in the far East.

    «Power of Siberia» will contribute to socio-economic development of the Far East. The pipeline will create conditions for gas supply and gasification of Russian regions, the development of modern gas processing and gas chemical production», — reported in «Gazprom».

    «Power of Siberia» can be pumped and more»

    The first six months after the delivery of the pipeline will operate in commissioning mode. This was in September told Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak.

    «On December 1, really… in strict accordance with the contract of purchase and sale of gas on this route will begin supplying gas, but in the first six months, for six months, as prescribed in the contract of sale, in the mode of commissioning of the equipment,» he said.

    During this period, it is impossible to establish guaranteed volumes of daily deliveries was noted.

    «Rise, of course, questions that it was guaranteed volumes, daily volumes of gas supply. But it’s impossible. Not required in accordance with the contract, and objectively it is impossible for technological reasons, because there is nothing to ensure that commissioning mode is impossible,» he said.

    The President of Russia Vladimir Putin emphasized that the «Power of Siberia» can put more than 38 billion cubic meters of gas annually. He also said that negotiations on the construction of another pipeline to China via the Western route.

    «38 billion (cubic meters of gas. — RT) shipments per year is a big amount. «Power of Siberia» can pump and more, and China needs more volume, so are now negotiating about the possibility of building a Western variant of the same route. Move gradually, calmly. We see the needs of the Chinese economy,» he said on 2 October.

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