The President of Iraq is concerned about the reliability of the US as an ally

The President of Iraq Barham Saleh believes that the reliability of the United States to the States of the region as an ally is seriously threatened. He stated this in an interview with Axios televised by HBO.

«U.S. allies are concerned about how the U.S. can rely on,» says the Iraqi leader. Saleh gave an interview shortly after the President of the United States has decided to withdraw its troops from the North of Syria on the background of Turkish military operations against the Union of the US of the Kurds. Political opponents have accused the American leader of betraying the allies. Saleh is a Kurd by birth, a wound he was the head of Iraqi Kurdistan. As noted by the President of Iraq, his country needs to «reconfigure» or «rethink» the relationship with the United States. He also added that the region has many players, and he’s not going to give them ultimatums.

Earlier media reported that the body of the slain leader of the banned terrorist organisation ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, eliminated by the US military in Syria, can discharge into the sea.


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