What is important to know about figure skater Alexander Trusova after the victory in Canada

What is important to know about figure skater Alexander Trusova after the victory in Canada

Russian figure skater Alexander Trusov took the first place on the stage of the Grand Prix series in Canada. What tournaments have already conquered the 15-year-old skater and what records to her already beaten at RBC

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When and where born: 23rd of June 2004 (15 years), Ryazan

Citizenship: Russia

Height: 155 cm

Coach: Eteri Tutberidze and Sergei Dudakov

Choreographer: Daniel Gleichenhaus

Another star Tutberidze

The team Tutberidze every year there is a bright star that attracts all the attention of the world women’s figure skating and achieves good results. In recent years, coach has opened the world’s Yulia Lipnitskaya, Evgeny Medvedev, Alina Sagitova, Alyona Kostina and many others. Trusov is one of the main stars of modern figure skating, the results of which overshadow the success of the entire group Tutberidze.

The path to victory

Until 2011, Trusova was the ward of Olga Shevtsova in Ryazan. Then the young athlete and his family moved to Moscow, where he trained with Alexander Volkov. 2016 is her coach Tutberidze. 2017 Trusov began to participate in international Junior competitions that are held under the auspices of the International skating Union.


In season (2017/18) Trusova won all the tournaments where participated: the Championship of Russia among juniors, the final tournament of a series Gran-at on figure skating among juniors, the stages of the Junior Grand Prix in Australia and Belarus, the world Junior championship.

In the 2018/19 season, she lost only two tournaments in which took part in the final of the Junior Grand Prix (second place was won by Alyona Kostina) and in the adult championship of Russia (the second place was won by Anna Shcherbakova). If in the first season she took part in five tournaments in the second, already 7 tournaments.

This season, on account of its three wins in three tournaments on the Challenger in Slovakia, Grand Prix of Canada and the tournament in Japan. It is important to understand that winning Trudovoy in Canada — the first victory in the Grand Prix at the senior level. And in rivals she was Evgeny Medvedev and Rick Kihira.

Records and achievements

The ability to perform the heavy elements are the main criterion for the success of young athletes. Trusov — the first ever women’s singles performer of the quadruple toe loop and Quad Lutz, and a second after the Japanese figure skater Miki Ando, who managed to perform Salchow in four turns.

At the tournament in Canada on Sunday night it has renewed its world record points for the long program (163,78) and in total for presentation (238,69 now — 241,02), despite the fall in the course of hire.

Expert opinions

Ilya Averbukh, the world and European champion, Olympic medalist

«It’s kind of a different League, performance space. The feeling that Sasha is preparing and leaving for some other planet. She and Anna Shcherbakova is a unique skater. They are subject to what previously seemed impossible. Now, no skaters in the world who can beat Sasha with such skating», — said Averbukh edition Sport24.

Tatiana Tarasova, honored coach of the USSR in figure skating

«What do you have to be smart, what should be collected, and what trained, that after the fall stand up and not to make a single tiny error. The entire hall was silent, even the TV we could barely breathe because I was afraid that the girl making world records, on this complexity rolls around. And it is all in the fun,» — said Tarasova the Agency «R-Sport».

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