Tennis player Medvedev appeared on the cover of the magazine L’equipe

Tennis player Medvedev appeared on the cover of the magazine L’equipe

The French edition called the «king» of the Russian athlete, in September for the first time in his career reached the finals of the tournament «Grand slam»

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Magazine L’equipe put a photo of the tennis player Daniel Medvedev on the cover of the issue dated 26 Oct. The French edition came with the title «new born King», dedicated to the Russian athlete.

Next week Medvedev will participate in the tournament series «masters» in Paris. The Russians will start playing in the competition from the second round.

Since late July, Medvedev reached the final in all tournaments in which participated. The athlete won the title in Cincinnati, Saint Petersburg and Shanghai, and also lost in a playoff game in Washington, Montreal and at the US Open.

The finals of the US Open has become Medvedev’s best result in career on tournaments «the Grand slam». In the match for the title the Russians in five sets, lost the second racket of the world Spaniard Rafael Nadal.

After the US Open Medvedev has risen in the ATP rankings to fourth place. Victory at a recent tournament in Shanghai allowed him to become the third in the title race ATP, ahead of Roger Federer.

In October Medvedev tired refused to participate in «the Kremlin Cup» and in the ATP tournament in Vienna.

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