The former head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov showed the Cabinet: «the Spirit of freedom» and barbed wire

The head of the HRC (now former) Mikhail Fedotov left the office in the building on Ilyinka. In the near future will move in a new Chairman — Valery Fadeev.

People say that one move is equivalent to two fires. And in this case is still more complicated: one story gives way to another. In the office in Ilyinka street (where the assembled legends of advocacy, such as Lyudmila Alekseeva) — boxes, boxes, boxes… Mikhail Fedotov collects them dear to the heart of things: portraits, books, artifacts… every object has its own destiny, which echoes the fate of the entire Board.

Observer «MK», a member of the HRC, helped Mikhail FEDOTOV to collect things and learned the secrets of the human rights activist.


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