Win «Spartak» and «Dynamo» for the first time in two months. The announcement of the tour of RPL

Win «Spartak» and «Dynamo» for the first time in two months. The announcement of the tour of RPL

In 14-m round of the Russian Premier League will be two capital derbi, in which «Spartak» and «Dinamo» will try to break winless, Artem Dzyuba can reduce the gap from the top scorers, and «Tambov» will hold the first match with a new coach

Photo: press service of «Spartacus»

Standings after Matchday 13

In 14-m round meet

You can win «Spartak»

«Spartak» will play in the Central match of the round with «the Locomotive». The team of Yuri Semin’s five wins in a row. «Red-white» can’t win for six meetings from 25 August. Here and in the last game with «ruby» the team showed a pretty mediocre football — 0:0. Players has not been shaken even the change of coach the match was the first under the leadership of German specialist Domenico Tedesco.

Bookmakers consider to be a leader Lokomotiv, giving his victory a factor of two. On «Spartak» — almost twice. Perhaps the main chance nominal guests is that on Tuesday, the railwaymen held a difficult away match of the Champions League with Juventus, in which, leading most of the game 1:0, lost 1:2. That is, now the team is not in the best physical and psychological condition.

On the other hand, four days to recover for professional players is enough. Especially the «Locomotive» played and well-coordinated team. Unlike «Spartacus», the permutation which just ended — it stability of the same composition can only dream of.

Continue to beat «wings of the Soviets»

After the 10th round of the «Wings of the Soviets» was situated in last place in the table, but then gave a series of three consecutive victories and climbed to sixth place. Will the samarians winning streak?

At the end of the previous game with the «Orenburg» team three matches has lost the head coach Miodrag Bozovic, who was disqualified for participating in the fight. The coach acknowledged the justice of the punishment and announced that to lead the actions of the players will be senior coach Vojo Chalov.

A much more important factor telling against the continuation of the series, is the rival of «Wings of the Soviets» — «Zenit», the leading place with «the Locomotive».

The samarians did not win on the home field «Zenith» from 9 April 2006, when they won 3:2. After that 10 matches and only one draw. Even in Saint-Petersburg «Wings» play better — three draws and one win in their last 11 meetings.

On Wednesday Petersburgers held the Champions League match with Belarus «Leipzig», having conceded 1:2. To prepare for the game in Samara they had three days. But the class team and the skill level of players must ultimately take its toll.

Leave Dynamo the relegation zone

In the away match with CSKA «Dynamo» has a chance to win — the first since August 24. In the last two rounds, the army team lost four points. On Thursday they held a meeting of the League of Europe with «Ferencvaros», that is, the recovery was only two days.

Also the «blue and white» changed the head coach. In the first match with Cyril Novikov, who is still working as the acting, «Dynamo» took two points from being in the group of leaders «Krasnodar» — 1:1.

Dynamo lately — not for CSKA rival. The last time the «red-blue» won 24 of April 2016 (1:0). After that, three draws and one defeat.

A draw just will not let go of Dynamo from the last place. At the «Akhmat» one point more and the advantage in the hypothetical equal points due to the greater number of victories. Sochi ahead of the Muscovites two points and has a victory in personal meeting. So Dynamo need to win and rely on Arsenal, who have not won six games in a row, and «Rostov» — opponents of Grozny and Sochi residents.

Scored by Artem Dzyuba

In the previous round, the top scorers of the championship of Shomurodov Eldora and Alexander Sobolev of the «Rostov» and «wings of the Soviets» different are unable. And the captain of Russian national team three times struck the gate of «Rostov» and reduced the gap to the leaders to two exact blows. Dziuba eight goals scored, the Sobolev and Shomurodova ten.

Shomurodov has a good chance to score in the upcoming round, as «Rostov» will play at home against a team from the zone play-offs Sochi. Sobolev and Dzyuba will meet each other in Samara. The first one I scored in all home matches except one. In the second part, also scored in his field. Away Dzyuba scored only twice.

Who will be the third

The «Locomotive» and «Zenith» a good chance to win. Accordingly, the leading line is likely to remain for these teams. But on the third place claimed «Krasnodar», «Rostov» and CSKA. They will play at home against rivals, which are supposed to beat.

CSKA, as already mentioned, it may lose points in the game with «Dynamo». «Rostov» with the big share of probability will win at Sochi.

«Krasnodar» and CSKA, on Thursday held a Europa League game and may experience similar problems. But the team of Sergey Galitsky with the «Orenburg» should be easier than CSKA «Dynamo».

First, on the bench, guests will not be the head coach Vladimir Fedotov due to the removal of the meeting with the «Wings of the Soviets». Second, the Dynamo by name more than «Orenburg». Third, Dynamo, judging by the previous match, shook the change of the head coach. Therefore, «Krasnodar» have to save third place.

Shake the resignation of coach «Tambov»

The «Tambov» only two wins and eight points — the last place. After house defeat from «Ural» in the previous round with the score 1:2 in resignation has left head coach Alexander Grigoryan.

In the upcoming game the team will meet on the home field with the «Ufa», which is two times more points and eighth place in the table. The opponent is strong. But not invincible. Especially if the «Tambov» add emotions to the resignation of the head coach. In this match the team will be chaired by the assistant Grigoryan Sergey Pervushin.

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