Third consecutive victory at the Luzhniki stadium as Russia defeated Scotland

Third consecutive victory at the Luzhniki stadium as Russia defeated Scotland

The Russian team in Moscow managed to beat Scotland in qualifying for the European championship 2020. Memorable than the first since last summer match of the Russian team at the stadium «Luzhniki» in the report RBC

Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko/TASS

After a successful performance of the Russian team at the home championship of 2018 head coach Stanislav Cherchesov has promised the fans that in the near future the national team will play their home matches at each of the stadiums built for the world Cup. Last year the Russian team has managed to play in Sochi, Rostov-on-don, Nizhny Novgorod, Saransk and twice in Kaliningrad. In October the turn of the Moscow «Luzhniki», where in July of last year Russian national team sensationally reached the quarter-finals, winning on penalties to Spain.

The importance of the match against Scotland Cherchesov said a few days before the game. «For us to be eventful match in Moscow, determined. Nice to play in «Luzhniki». The only thing that needs a little battery to turn on the street,» joked the head coach. A week before the match in Moscow the cold winter came, and sometimes even the first snow fell. However, in game day weather was much more comfortable for football — about ten degrees Celsius. It rained almost all day, but half an hour before the game ended.

Photo: Andrey Tumanov / RBC

Earlier in the week, the RFU reported that it had sold nearly 60 thousand tickets for the grandstand arena with a capacity of 80 thousand spectators. Despite the fact that the visit of the Russian national team has arrived is not the most high-profile team in Europe, and the weather conditions contributed to rather watch football on TV, the occupancy rate stands proved worthy — 65 500 people.

Before the game, the RFU arranged in the vicinity of the «Luzhniki» a number of entertainment — there were food courts, a free barbershop, a concert of Dima Bilan, tournament eSports and stands of sponsors of the Russian national team’s contests. Everyone could play on the box in the mini-football against former stars of the national team Denis Kolodina, Evgeny Aldonin, Rolan Gusev and Alexander Shirko. One of the most popular pre-match entertainment has been improvised — in front of the stadium every 10-15 meters we met the group of Russian fans, who were photographed with the Scottish fans in the traditional kilts and colorful headdresses, and also shared with them Souvenirs.

Photo: Andrey Tumanov / RBC

The atmosphere near the stadium, despite the autumn rain, was very similar to the one that so delighted the fans at the 2018 world Cup. The number of police officers was minimal, and the inspection at the entrances fast and correct. But it turned out that in the activities front of the stadium (and even to see a concert Bilan) you could walk at all without a ticket. «The tickets are not checked, only the inspection. Show them just before the entrance to the stadium,» said one of the stewards working at the match.

Inside the stadium the show program for the fans began a half hour before the starting whistle. On the left, the drummers and dance group and orchestra of five bagpipes played the national anthem of Scotland. A group of fans joined in and sang, creating a few moments in «Luzhniki» the atmosphere of a British stadium. Ended pre-game show anthem of Russia, who sang a finalist of the show «the Voice» Elmira Kalimullina.

Photo: Andrey Tumanov / RBC

The balance of the Russian team in the first minutes was not unexpected in comparison with the September match in Glasgow. Highlight is only the emergence in the start of midfielder «Locomotive» Dmitry Barinov, which was replaced in midfield injured Spartak Novel Zobnina. The football team of Russia from the first minutes began to attack and dominated the field almost the entire first half. The most dangerous moments began hitting Alexei ionov, who was the defender and a free kick by Alexander Golovin, punched from a good position over the bar.

The most interesting on the field began in the second half to action moved Artem Dzyuba. Perhaps the captain of Russian national team, as well as the fans remembered the atmosphere of the world Cup, he showed an impressive level. In the 57th minute striker an accurate shot into the top corner locked shed with a corner Golovin, opening the scoring in the match. Three minutes later Magomed Ozdoev doubled the lead Russian team, powerfully struck from outside the penalty area.

On 63 minutes, the film suddenly struck with an acute angle and hit the crossbar, then effectively slide tackle by the Scotland goalkeeper, David Marshall, and in the 70th minute, scored a brace, being the quickest of opponents in the penalty area. On 84 minutes, the captain of the Russian team made another productive action, giving an assist to Golovin, then left the field, replaced by the debutant of a national team Nikolay Komlichenko. The game ended with the defeat of the Scottish team with the score 4:0 under a kind of salute, the fans began to pop inflatable noisy sticks, celebrating the victory of the team.

After the match Cherchesov did not agree with the statement that team in the first half, played academic, and noted that to achieve success largely allowed the first goal scored from a set piece. Head coach of Scotland Steve Clarke has shown in this matter full solidarity, saying that after a non-binding goals with the standard of the game slipped away from his team. Dzyuba has admitted that the national anthem for him better than the hymn of the Champions League, and stated that he would like to get to sing the Russian national anthem the whole team (Mario Fernandez — with the crib).

The game with Scotland in «Luzhniki» turned out to be impressive, but secure their place in Euro 2020, the Russian team has not allowed the national team of Cyprus, who day of Kazakhstan. The next chance to go to the European championship will be on Sunday in the guest game with the Cypriots. In November, the Russian team will visit another stadium world Cup team in St. Petersburg will play against Belgium, which after the seventh round is in the group first place with an advantage over the Russians at three points. Of course, under the roof of «Gazprom Arena», the Russian players will try to take revenge for the defeat of the March in Brussels. Well Cherchesova to fulfill the promise given to fans of the national team after the world Cup, will bring the team even in the cities waiting for their turn to Volgograd and Yekaterinburg.

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