Lawyers estimated the probability of the case against McGregor in Russia

Lawyers estimated the probability of the case against McGregor in Russia

On the eve mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor criticized Habib Nurmagomedov. The Irish called him and all the people of Dagestan cowards. Do the words of McGregor under the article and answered the Irishman, the father of Habib at RBC

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What happened

Thursday, October 24, at a press conference in Moscow McGregor accused the Russian fighter Habib Nurmagomedov cowardice, Recalling the incident in Brooklyn in April of last year. Then the Irishman along with his team attacked a bus with Nurmagomedov and his staff. During the attack, the Irish demanded that the Dagestani to go and settle the matter before the fight. Later, McGregor has repeatedly blamed the rival that Dagestan is not out of the bus during the attack.

«We know who the Dagestanis. They hide, they run. Remember what happened in Brooklyn? They then ran away and he recently ran off with a press conference,» said Thursday McGregor.

The reaction of the Dagestani Nurmagomedov and Sr.

The part of Internet users expressed dissatisfaction with the insults Dagestanis. Dagestani Deputy Rizvan Kurbanov on Friday complained to the Irish to the Prosecutor General.

On the same day a group of natives of Dagestan came to the hotel «Ritz-Carlton» where lived the McGregor. Father Habib Nurmagomedov Abdulmanap comments RBC noted that McGregor hit the bar a person who «is older than his father in seven years.» He also recalled that the Irish were accused of violence against a woman. «He still advertises alcohol? Really, after all this questions for me,» said Nurmagomedov as a senior.

Father Dagestani fighter dissatisfied with the reaction media, which, in his opinion, protect McGregor. «The media and those who invited him, assent McGregor. You don’t have to support him, you are a citizen of Russia (an appeal to the RBC. — RBC). If you are a citizen of Russia began to insult, I would have stopped people. And you do not. He insulted people and people, who together with the Soviet people defended our homeland».

The legal side

Senior partner of the law firm Pen & Paper Konstantin Dobrynin believes that this McGregor is the beginning of a business project called «Promotion battle between Habib and Connor». In October 2018 for the UFC in Las Vegas Dagestani won early Irish. About a new battle between the athletes is not reported, but McGregor has repeatedly spoken of revenge.

«I am confident that the statement of the Irish was precisely calculated and most likely agreed with his lawyers. It is emotionally abusive though or rather annoying character, but I’m afraid that legally pursue McGregor will not work. But the fact attempts to attract ex-champion responsible for such trash-talk is exactly what is sought organizers of battle,» said Dobrynin.

The lawyer of legal firm «AltaVista» Valeria Arshinova believes that in the speech were obvious signs of «incitement of hatred or enmity, and equally humiliation of human dignity» (article 282 of the criminal code), however, in order for this structure to prove the need to conduct linguistic expertise.

«I believe that the more perspectives from civil suit: Habib may file a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity, because of statements demean him as an athlete and from the point of view of belonging to a certain nation,» she said.

McGregor is an Irish citizen. The interviewed lawyers explained that the order of excitation of criminal cases concerning foreign citizens is generally the standard procedure provided by the code.

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