In Charikova shot dead a witness in the case Boronenkov

A frame from the video.

The Kiev Prosecutor’s office will appeal to the militiamen of Kharkov to see the connection between a shooting in this city, which occurred on 25 October and the murder of the former Deputy of the state Duma of Russia Denis Boronenkov.

As the press-Secretary of Department Hope maksimets, during a firefight killed a man who was a witness in a criminal case about the murder Boronenkov, according to UNN.

As it turned out, it was even late with one of the suspects in the murder. In the course of the investigation had not received enough evidence to support it.

The shooting happened near a supermarket in Kharkiv. As a result, one person was killed and another wounded. Then one member of the shooting, seeing the pursuing police, detonated a grenade and died.


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