Ukrainian political analyst with a show Solovyov almost died in Moscow

photo: a frame from the video

The famous Russian talk show of the Ukrainian scientist Vyacheslav Kovtun was in intensive care, he said in Instagram, the analyst Konstantin Dolgov.

Dolgov said that Kovtun unsuccessfully went to the bath, after which he was diagnosed with diabetes. Expert taken away by the ambulance. «Now it seems to have stabilized,» — said Dolgov.

The opponent of the Ukrainian expert believes that without it, the transmission is not the same. Debt wished Kovtun recovery. Netizens agreed with the Debt, without Kovtun show it without its former zest. «Saw him not so long ago Solovyov, really looked painful,» he told of podeschi.

By the way, Kovtun has recently been added to the database of the site «Peacemaker». In this case, the gear he is Pro-Ukrainian position, and his actions and statements often lead to scandals in the air.


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