The head of RUSADA Hanus replied, «struggling against Russia,» the Ukrainian WADA

The head of RUSADA Hanus replied, «struggling against Russia,» the Ukrainian WADA

The head of RUSADA Yuri Hanus said that Russia has become hostage to its reputation. In comments to RBC he said that the Russian side need to communicate with the sport community and to rebuild trust

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The words of the former Minister of sports of Ukraine Igor Zhdanov about the need to engage in «excommunication» of Russia from the world of sports, are emotional, told RBC the head of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) Yuri Hanus.

Earlier, the former Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Igor Zhdanov became members of the Board of founders of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) and wrote in his Facebook that he intends to toughen responsibility for doping.

Thus, according to the WADA code, the Board of founders has no authority to make decisions on the status of the national anti-doping agencies. Such a right is only the Executive Committee of WADA.

«This reaction comes not only from the Minister of sports of Ukraine, she is including and from other people. But she expressed the emotional perception of what is happening. Our sports organization has become hostage to this «trash». We will reap the fruits of this for a long time, we have to be patient and go to dialogue and to convince them that our sport is not like everyone thinks. And I think because we have become recidivists,» said Hanus.

In late September, WADA suspected Russia of changing the data of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory in the middle of September. It is assumed that the information has been modified before transmitting to the experts of WADA.

Hanus said that during his visits to Russia, he becomes convinced in the opinion that the country is really a significant part of the athletes do not have problems with doping and blame all of the athletes in violation of the rules wrong.

«Unfortunately, what happened — will hit all of us, all of us became hostages of the old approaches. I was in the spring at a conference in London and was where the panel were representatives of the College athletes, and there I took the word and said, what is the difference between «clean» athletes from Russia, USA, UK, Norway and any other country?

And they are not given the answer. Then I said, you understand that thus not differentiating your relationship, you harm even our movement «For a clean sport»? I can tell you that their attitude categorically has changed,» said Hanus.

WADA should make a decision on the status of RUSADA at the end of October. If the Agency is found relevant to the WADA code, it will be suspended, and Russian athletes may not allow for the summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo, as well as other international competitions.

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