Skate to the throat, bloody fight and knockout. The most bright moments of KHL

Skate to the throat, bloody fight and knockout. The most bright moments of KHL

Over the past seven days in the regular championship of the Continental hockey League was played 31 games. The best goals, the most severe fights, injuries, and other memorable moments — the selection of RBC

Photo: press service of «AK Bars»

Goal: Rob Klinkhammer

18 Oct. Avtomobilist — Avangard — 1:3

Of the last 12 matches one of the giants of the KHL «Avtomobilist» lost ten. The first goal in the match with «Avant-garde», the hosts brought themselves in the first minute for yourself, made a mistake on the exit of the zone. But it is worth noting the actions of three of an attack «Avant-garde», which played an effective combination. Have completed the canadian Rob Klinkhammer, beautifully paused beating the goalkeeper and scoring the puck into the empty net.

Goal: Mikhail Varnakov

19 Oct. Jokerit — Torpedo — 3:4

Until the end of the third period was five minutes, and «torpedo» has conceded 1:3. But the visitors managed to not only win, but to win in overtime. The beginning of the recovery process put the goalkeeper Andrey Tikhomirov, who rolled out of the gate and gave the puck under someone else’s blue line Damir Jafarova. He passed the ball to Anton Shenfeld, and he made a pass to Michael Varnakova that throw in a touch reduced backlog in the account to a minimum.

Goal: Denis Vikharev

19 Oct. «Admiral» — «Severstal» — 5:3

«Admiral» opened the scoring in the third minute after a beautiful combination play after the implementation of the numerical advantages: Denis Vikharev could get into an empty net.

Fight: Danis Zaripov Linus Omark Are

19 Oct. «Salavat Yulaev» — «AK Bars» — 3:1

A fight with the stars — the situation is rare. But during the Tatar-Bashkir Derby brawl staged captains Danis Zaripov, Linus omark are. The first was to pull the second from the two pairs of «obnimashka» players that the Swede did not like. He pushed Zaripova in the chest. Forward of «AK Bars» took off the gloves and attacked the forward of «Salavat».

Fight: Jakub Was Naklada — Egor Fateev

21 Oct. «Lokomotiv» — «Tractor» — 1:2

Early in the second period «the Tractor» has opened the account. And in half a minute at gate «the Locomotive» there was a fight between the 31-year-old defender owners Jakub Nakladem and forwards Egor guests by Fadeevym, which is younger than the opponents for a decade.

Naklada had the advantage, but Fadeev still struck the Czech two spectacular kick and broke his nose.

Fight: Sergey Plotnikov Alexander Bryntsev

22 Oct. SKA — «the Petrochemist» — 2:3 B

Early in the third period with the score 1:1 after several mutual poking with the fight at the gate «Neftekhimik» defender guests Alexander Bryntsev hit by Sergei Plotnikov in the shoulder. The forward of owners responded. In the fight of carpenters had the advantage, but Bryntsev eventually put him on the ice wrestling. «Neftekhimik» caused the defeat of the SKA, which became Petrograd fourth in a row.

Trauma: Vasily Koshechkin

23 Oct. «Metallurg» — «AK Bars» — 1:0 B

In the middle of the first period, two players of «AK Bars» left on one defender «the Metallurgist» Maxim Matushkin. He lay on the ice, trying not to allow to pass. But by inertia continued to slide toward the gate and drove into the goalkeeper Vasily Koshechkin.

My mother’s skate cut partner neck. The game was stopped Koshechkin replaced, but after fifteen minutes returned to the game.

Injury: Vladimir Tkachev

23 Oct. «Metallurg» — «AK Bars» — 1:0 B

In the middle of the third period the forward of «Metallurgist» Egor Korobkin has applied power reception against the forward «AK Bars» Vladimir Tkachev. The last was taken from the ice on a stretcher and was taken to the hospital. The player underwent tests that revealed no serious injuries. Thursday Tkachev went to Kazan.

Force method was applied according to the rules. Korobkin met Tkachev shoulder at the moment when the opponent had the puck. Striker «metallurg» did not do more than three steps before the collision that could be regarded as a wrong attack.

Failure: the defense of «Salavat»

22 Oct. «Salavat Yulaev» — «Avant-Garde» — 1:2 B

The Swiss striker «Vanguard» Sven Andrighetto opened the scoring on 30 seconds, taking advantage of sloppy play by the hosts in their zone. Two forwards, vegatibles on defenders acted correctly — they cover the possible pass and shot immediately. And that’s why three players rushed to take care of two opponents is unclear. The result Andrighetto just popping out for a Piglet and threw with awkward hands in the far corner. Professional hockey is not common.

Power reception: Andrei Mironov

21 Oct. «Cupid» — «Dynamo» — 1:5

This time the victim of a Dynamo defender Andrei Mironov, known for the ability to apply «mill», was the Czech player of defence «Cupid» ondřej Vitasek.

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